The Death of The Party Quest Walkthrough

As you are making your way to tell the authorities that you are immune and begin seeking help, you encounter a strange person.

This starts when you hear them from a distance and it turns out there is an intercom nearby the mansion of the famous actor, Curtis Sinclair.

It looks like this old timer needs your help with more than one thing but the rewards could be worth your while and saving this person would also be the right thing to do.

Dead Island 2 The Death of The Party (New Side Quest)

How To Get The Death of The Party Quest?

The Death of the Party becomes available once you pass by Curtis Sinclair’s mansion and this will most likely happen during the Call the Cavalry story quest.

The Death of The Party ObjectivesZombie eating a person called "Zombie Chow" inside the residence

1) Enter Curtis’ Residence

Once the quest pops up, clear up any zombies near the intercom and interact with it to start the quest, which begins with you and Curtis Sinclair having a conversation.

He will talk about another young person who has passed by that he may have spooked and asks you to look for them.

This will end up with Curtis opening the gate, allowing you to enter his residence to begin your search for a young girl that he saw earlier.

2) Search the Grounds for Any Other Survivors

Upon entering the residence, you will see that there are multiple dead zombies and just beyond them will be a zombie eating a person.

This person will simply be named “Zombie Chow” which tells you that the person you were looking for is already dead.

You will need to continue making your way inside the residence to search for the old timer, which can be done by following the waypoint.

Curtis Sinclair asks you to kill the remaining Zombies in the garden

3) Kill the Party Crashers!

Once you reach the garden, you will see a group of zombies being blown up by Curtis Sinclair, who asks about the girl.

Sadly, you inform him that the zombies already got her and instead, he asks you to help him clear out the remaining zombies in the area.

You will need to kill all the zombies that are present in the garden until none are left and afterwards, you can talk to Curtis Sinclair.

4) Is that Living Legend Curtis Sinclair?

After all the zombies have been cleared out, move closer to the part below the balcony where Curtis Sinclair is positioned.

From this point, you will be able to speak to him safely and he asks you to help him out since he is too old to get out on his own.

5) Restore Power to Curtis’ Residence

Curtis told you about his power problem and you will need to head to the connections at the end of the yard, which will be marked by a waypoint.

There will be a room where the connections are (watch out for the zombie inside) and you will see that the wires have been cut.

To restore power, you will need to grab a jerry can (water) outside and use it to make the floor wet, which will cause the electricity to connect and restore power.

Curtis tells you to go inside his home

6) Report Your Success to Curtis

After restoring the power, head back to Curtis and he will tell you to go inside but you will need to fight through zombies who appear along the way.

Follow the waypoint that leads to the front of Curtis’ home and enter through the door where a zombie is trying to get in. (Kill them first)

7) Buckle Up for a White-Knuckle Ride, Curtis!

Curtis will be standing on the second floor and will talk to you about the lift rail that he can now take going down since you restored the power.

8) Wait for Curtis to Buckle Up

Now that there is a plan, you need to wait for Curtis to get into the seat that will take him down the lift-rail but he begins to hear sounds that hint trouble is on its way.

Clear the runway for Curtis to get down by killing the Zombies

9) Clear the Runway for Curtis

As Curtis is making his way down via the lift rail, zombies will begin to arrive at the area and you will need to kill them so that he can safely get down.

10) Mop Up the Stragglers

After clearing the first group of enemies, more zombies including one named Tony Sinclair will appear, who happens to be Curtis’ nephew.

Curtis then tells you to kill his nephew since he threw one of the maids to the zombies to selfishly save himself.

11) Wait for Curtis to Touch Down

After clearing out the rest of the zombies, Curtis will continue making his way down and you will need to wait for him.

Curtis makes his way to the nearby room of the chair slowly

12) Be Patient, You Can’t Rush the Classics

Once Curtis reaches the floor, he will get off of the chair and make his way to the nearby room, but he will do this very slowly, so you will need to bear with him.

13) Check-in With Curtis

Curtis will sit down in a chair, and you will be able to talk to him, which is when he thanks you for helping him out and you talk about the nearby survivors.

He decides to meet up with them but will do this later after saying his goodbyes to his home first and tells you that you can take whatever you want that’s left of his home.

The Death of The Party Rewards

Curtis has given you the Curtis’ House Keys and has permitted you to loot his home as a reward for helping him out, which will include Curtis’ Valuable Safe in his wine cellar.

The key to this safe will later be available once you have encountered your first Screamer zombie, which happens to be during the Justifiable Zombicide story quest.

Additionally, this side quest will reward you with 1,000 XP and an Uncommon Lightweight Golf Club.


It looks like Bel-Air is not as empty when it comes to humans and luckily for Curtis Sinclair, you were around to help him out.

This old timer may not be in his prime anymore, but he was still tough enough to hold off those zombies until you arrived to get him out of there.

Curtis will head over to Emma Jaunt’s place later on but first, he will need to spend some time in his home one last time but don’t worry, he can handle himself.

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