Dead Island 2 Bel-Air Brawl Quest Walkthrough

After talking with Emma, Michael storms in and yells alerting everyone that zombies have begun to surround the area.

Emma tells you that the handcuffs you are wearing are toys and you easily remove them in an attempt to help them.

You will need to help the survivors make it out alive from this encounter by going head-to-head with the zombies that are attacking.

Michael is talking with Emma about the Zombies surrounding their area

How To Get Bel-Air Brawl Quest?

After waking up following the end of Desperately Seeking Emma quest, the Bel-Air Brawl quest will begin once you break free of the fake handcuffs.

Bel-Air Brawl ObjectivesMichael is defending the house from the Zombies

1) Go Help!

Emma will have run off to see what Michael was talking about and you will need to follow to help out by following the waypoint to find them.

Entering the door at the end after the first door will begin a cutscene where you rush to check on things and the group is shocked as zombies have appeared.

You will then open the door leading outside and the cutscene will be over, ending with you kicking the doors open which sends a zombie flying into the pool.

2) Defend the House

Zombies will have appeared inside the area of the house and you will need to kill them until the first group has been cleared.

3) Close the Gate

After clearing out the zombies, you will need to head to the Breaker Panel which will have no Circuit Breaker, leaving you to find one to close the gate.

4) Find a Circuit Breaker

You will need to go to the garage, which is located in the underground garage just near where the Breaker Panel is located.

Head down and there will be a path leading to the garage but this requires that you crouch to get through the garage door.

Once you get through the garage door, a Circuit Breaker will be past an area that is on fire and you can either use the jerry cans to put the fire out or just grab it.

5) Close the Gate

After taking the Circuit Breaker, head back to the Breaker Panel and interact with it while holding the Circuit Breaker to place it, which will begin closing the gate.

Michael is holding the Zombies off by fighting with them until the gate closes

6) Hold Them Off Until the Gate Closes

More zombies will have started making their way inside and you will need to fight them until the gate has finally closed.

7) Finish Off the Last Few Zombies

Once the gate has closed, you will need to kill the remaining zombies that are still in the area to continue.

8) Tell the Others They’re Safe (for now…)

Now that the zombies have been taken care of, head back to the other survivors by entering the door marked by a waypoint.

Continue following the waypoint and head to the lower part of the house and go through the door to reach the survivors.

This will begin a cutscene where they thank you and the group is surprised by a man named Sam appearing later.

Bel-Air Brawl Rewards

Completing the Bel-Air Brawl quest will likely allow you to reach level 4 and this will unlock the Safe Space skill card for you.

The Safe Space skill card allows you to trigger a forceful explosion that drains the stability of nearby zombies when you use a Med Kit. (Great for crowd control)

You will be rewarded with 2,500 XP after completing this quest.


After waking up to an attack, you were able to save the group who had doubts about you by charging into several groups of zombies.

Now that the group has been saved, you need to figure out what is going on and who this person named Sam is as well as what he knows.

It turns out, Sam has already been through this situation and judging by the fact that you have not turned, you may be immune to the infection.

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