Warframe Aggristone (Locations & How to Get)

Orowyrms were known to be mighty creatures and the citizens of Duviri believed that Aggristones were powerful talismans, created from the saliva of these creatures.

These appear as rock-like materials that can be used for crafting certain items that were introduced with The Duviri Paradox update.

Farming Aggristones can be done in many ways, making it one of the more common resources that you can find in Duviri.

Warframe Aggristone

Where To Get Aggristone?

You can get Aggristone from almost any location in Duviri as these are present in a majority of the areas that you come across.

These tend to be a bit hard to spot at first due to their natural color as the Aggristone Formations tend to blend in with the terrain.

Aggristone formations can be found mostly in areas where there is no grass and tend to be around mountainous areas, appearing as rocks.

Some of the best places to find Aggristone Formations are in the following areas:

  • Northwind Village
  • Lunaro Court
  • Thrax Gardens
  • Chamber of the Muses
  • Netherbarrow
  • Custos Arch

It is best to keep an eye out for the Aggristone Formations as they appear as stone with the form of tentacles and small dotted lines on it.

How To Get Aggristone?

You can find Aggristone Formations in most of the areas in Duviri and these can be destroyed, which will cause them to drop Aggristone.

These are found in most areas where grass does not exist and can later be easily spotted while you are running around or riding your Kaithe on the ground.

An Aggristone Formation can be destroyed by any type of attack, making it easy to shoot with your firearm while riding a Kaithe.

Aggristones may also be obtained by destroying a Curax Dole, which are containers that are usually found near homes and buildings.

It is also possible to obtain Aggristone as a reward for completing stages when you are doing The Duviri Experience or The Lone Story objectives.

Aggristone Uses

Aggristone is one of the resources that are required to craft the Sampotes hammer, which is a powerful weapon capable of generating shockwaves with its slam and heavy attacks.

Aside from being used to craft the Sampotes, you will need Aggristone in order to install Incarnon Genesis upgrades on certain weapons.

The following are weapons that need Aggristone for Incarnon Genesis upgrades:

  • Magistar Incarnon Genesis


Aggristone was first thought to be a natural rock formation that existed in Duviri but it turns out that these were what remained of Orowyrm saliva.

These seem to have a strange form and can be easily distinguished as they look like hardened tentacles with small lights on them.

As you explore Duviri and do various objectives, you will be able to obtain a large amount of Aggristone but eventually only need a few for the Sampotes.

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