Warframe How to Herd Tamms (The Duviri Paradox)

When you are doing The Duviri Experience or The Lone Story stages, you will sometimes come across one that requires you Herd Tamms.

This is either due to the Tamms having escaped or for other reasons that the courtiers demand you help them out with.

You will see that there is a pen and the Tamms will be scattered all around you, with the goal being that you bring them back.

Warframe Herd Tamms

How To Herd Tamms?

Once this stage begins, you will see that there are multiple blue dots on your minimap and these all represent the Tamms that are in the area.

Blue dots with an arrow pointing up mean they are above you while those with an arrow pointing down mean they are under.

You will need to head over to a Tamm and this will cause it to run in the opposite direction from you, meaning you can control where they go.

This now requires that you head around them to get them to move in the direction you want, which will be going toward the pen.

Continue following a Tamm until it reaches any side of the pen and it will enter automatically once it is within the proper range.

This needs to be done based on how many Tamms are required by the objective, which is usually 3 Tamms in total.

After the requested amount of Tamms has been met, the stage will be complete and you will receive rewards.

Herd Tamms Rewards

Completing, the Herd Tamms stage will reward you with a random resource from Duviri, Drifter Intrinsics, and a common or rare Decree.

These are chosen at random and will often be different, which means there is no specific reward for completing Herd Tamms as they are from a drop table.

What Are Tamms?

Tamms appear to be the type of creature in Duviri that resembles a goat or sheep but with Orokin design and are most likely kept for various reasons.

These creatures roam around helplessly and will run away as soon as they see you, making them no threat at all.

Amongst the other Orokin creatures that can be found in Duviri, Tamms appears to be one of the many ones you cannot interact with, unlike the other ones which you can pet.


Herding Tamms is quite an easy task and it can be considered as getting a free reward but there are still times when it can be annoying such as if they are in a hard-to-reach place.

Keep in mind that you can herd multiple Tamms but the direction they move depends on where you are coming from as you approach them.

You can hear Tamms while walking or while riding your Kaithe, making it easy to run or fly around when you need to find them.

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