Circuits Farm 2024 (Best Locations & Missions): Warframe

Circuits are a common resource that is required when crafting different equipment that the Tenno make use of in their battles.

While it would seem that the Corpus is more on the technological side, Circuits do not only drop where they have control, this resource can be found in multiple locations.

Having a good stock of Circuits is a good investment for crafting equipment in the future that you plan to add to your arsenal, especially when you plan on increasing your Mastery Rank.

CF-1“Various Electronic Components”

How To Get Circuits?

You can get Circuits by killing enemies, opening Storage Lockers, and destroying containers found on planets that have it as one of their resources.

This can be done exclusively on Ceres, Venus, the Kuva Fortress, and in the Void but some planets have a better chance than others. (You can also find Circuitry Lockboxes to destroy)

The use of a Farming Warframe makes it easier to farm Circuits as they have a chance to provide you with more drops when you kill enemies. (Nekros, Khora, Hydroid and more)

Circuits Locations

Circuits are best farmed on Ceres since there are Dark Sector missions that provide you with a 35% Resource Drop Chance Bonus.

Another great location for farm Circuits is on Sedna but there are no Dark Sectors to farm and you will instead be going up against the Grineer.

Sedna has Circuits as its second resource, making it drop often when you destroy containers or kill enemies. (Opening Storage Lockers can provide this resource as well)

Best Circuits Farm Missions

1) Gabii (Ceres)

Gabii (Ceres)

Gabii is a Dark Sector that is considered to be one of the best places to farm Circuits and is a top choice not only because of the Circuits drops but also other resources.

Enemies in this mission are all infested and can easily be killed with moderately modded Warframes and weapons.

It is a good idea to roam around first before camping as you may find containers and Circuitry Lockboxes that can be destroyed for Circuits.

2) Seimeni (Ceres)

Seimeni (Ceres)

An alternative to Gabii is Seimeni, a Dark Sector defense that also provides the benefit of an increased 35% resource drop chance for better farming.

This provides you with resources by killing multiple waves of enemies and the environment is more controlled so that you can collect resources after each wave.

Farming Warframes that can control areas such as Hydroid and Khora are great picks for this mission since they can use their abilities to protect the target and force loot to drop.

3) Malva (Venus)

Malva (Venus)

While Malva may only have a 10% increase in resource drop chance, it still grants a good amount of Circuits when players farm in the mission.

Being that this is a survival mission with weaker enemies, newer players are bound to get a good amount of resources while they are still progressing in the game.

This mission can easily be done solo but for the best amount of Circuits at the end of the session, joining up with a squad, especially one that has a farming Warframe to boost drops.

4) Taveuni (Kuva Fortress)

Taveuni may not be a Dark Sector but it does have a good chance of providing you with Circuits when you kill enemies and destroy containers.

In this mission, you will be going up against the Grineer which may be a bit difficult due to the higher levels but this also provides you with more Affinity.

Kuva Fortress missions provide different resources, making it an alternative to the others depending on what resources you need besides Circuits.

Purchasing Circuits

If you don’t want to farm Circuits and would rather purchase them, the in-game Market allows you to purchase bundles of 1,500 for 30 Platinum.

This may be a fast way to get Circuits but given the small amount compared to what you can get from farming, it’s better to save your Platinum for trading.


Doing Dark Sector missions on Ceres is the best way to get Circuits since the increased drop chance is higher than on the other planets.

Depending on if you have just started, you will find that the best place will be on Venus unless you have access to Ceres, which is considered the late-game location.

It is ideal to keep a lot of Circuits in stock as you will need a lot of them later on as you continue to progress throughout the game.

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