Circuits Farming 2022 Guide

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What are Circuits in Warframe?

Circuits are a common resource that is required in the crafting of several equipment that is to be used by the Tenno.

While it would seem that the Corpus are more on the technological side, Circuits do not only spawn on their planets but instead they spawn on a select few planets.

Having a good stock of Circuits is a good investment for crafting equipment in the future that you plan to add to your arsenal and farming.

Where to farm Circuits?

If you are wondering how to get Circuits in 2022, it is quite easy as long as you figure out where to farm Circuits which are on Venus or Ceres only.

There are currently only three available Circuits farming locations which are Venus, Ceres and the Kuva fortress.

Among the planets, Venus and Ceres are good for early game Circuits farming, while players may see the Kuva Fortress as an endgame farming location for Circuits.

Regardless of opinions on Circuits farming, Venus is currently the best early Circuits farming location while Ceres is the best place to farm Circuits due to its Dark Sector bonus.

1) Gabii (Ceres)

Gabii (Ceres)

Being a Dark Sector mission, Gabii provides a resource drop boost of 35% which is a really big help with farming resources.

Gabii is considered one of the best places to farm Circuits in 2022 and has been a top choice for a long time not only because of the Circuits drops, but also other resources that may be obtained during the mission.

Enemies in this mission are all infested and can easily be killed with moderately equipped Warframes and weapons, while the map has a lot of areas that can effectively be used with killing groups of enemies.

It is a good idea to roam around first before camping as containers may contain Circuits and other resources and eventually camping will be a good way to farm effectively, especially with a squad.

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2) Seimeni (Ceres)

Seimeni (Ceres)

An alternative to Gabii is Seimeni, a Dark Sector defense that also provides the benefit of an increased 35% resource drop chance for better farming.

While it is not as efficient as Gabii, Seimeni does offer a good chance to get Circuits as well as other resources, such as Orokin Cells.

Warframes that can easily take out enemies in an area will prove to be very useful in this mission but a Hydroid or Khora can be more effective for farming as they can force loot from enemies.

Having a Nekros around will make it much easier to farm Credits as his Desecrate ability can affect all dead enemies in the area to force out loot.

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3) Malva (Venus)

Malva (Venus)

Malva is the Venus Circuits farming spot for those who need the resource early on during the game as it is accessible at an early stage.

While Malva may only have a 10% increase in resource drop chance, it still grants a good amount of Circuits when players farm in the mission.

Being that this is a survival and lower level mission, newer players are bound to get a good amount of resources and can resort to this place when they need to know where to farm Circuits.

This mission can easily be done solo but for the best amount of Circuits at the end of the session, joining up with a squad, especially one that has a farming Warframe to boost drops.


  • Circuits will not always drop right away, but eventually as you stay in the mission you may notice its abundance in drops sooner or later.
  • Using a Nekros is great for Circuits farming in survival missions as they can roam and kill enemies at the same time.
  • Having a Hydroid equipped with Pilfering Swarm in your squad while camping can cause a lot of loot to drop when farming.
  • Venus is one junction away from Earth, making it the earliest place to get Circuits while Ceres suits as a more endgame Circuits farming planet.


Figuring out how to farm credits is not that hard since there is a planet accessible as early as you start out in the game.

Doing Dark Sector missions on Ceres is the best way to farm Circuits in 2022 since the increased drop chance is higher than the other planets.

Depending if you have just started out, you will find that the best place will be on Venus, unless you have access to Ceres, which is considered the late game location.

It is ideal to keep a lot of Circuits in stock as you will be needing a lot of them later on as you continue to progress throughout the game.

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