Top Warframe Polearm Stance List in 2023

When it comes to dealing heavy damage and having a good range on attacks, the polearms come in handy a lot.

There are many polearm weapons in Warframe and each of them have their own stats and appearance which come to comfort with the player’s visual preferences and playstyle depending on the weapon.

Polearms are essentially good, but what about the stances? There are different stances to choose from and these stances do not only offer different moves but they offer different techniques as well.

Here are the different stances for polearms in Warframe:

1) Shimmering Blight

Warframe Polearm Stance

The Shimmering Blight Stance focuses on dealing fast spinning attacks and also staggering the enemy with a stronger hit after a spinning strike.

This allows you to repeat said combos without losing so much movement and even attack while moving without delay, making it usable for Warframes that run fast allowing you to do the combo while moving.

Shimmering Blight mainly has quick attacks and goes well with many builds enabling you to do quick combos with your polearms or to make use of slower polearms with the fast combos.


Shimmering Blight has two combos that focus on quickly damaging enemy with spinning and staggering strikes.

 Slashing Wind

Slashing Wind

Slashing wind is a swift combo wish begins with a quick strike followed by a spinning attack and a powerful staggering strike.

Howling Gale

Howling Gale

Howling Gale begins with a quick strike and spinning attack, followed with a deadly spinning leap that ends with a powerful lifting strike.

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2) Bleeding Willow

Bleeding Willow

Bleeding Willow focuses on fast attacks while dealing stronger hits, it may not be as fast as the other stances but the damage done is wide and powerful.

Having a lot of attacks that have a good radius while moving forwards makes it an exceptional stance when moving up against enemy groups, allowing you to hit a lot of them and deal massive damage.

Bleeding Willow has attacks that help move forwards and enable you to catch up on enemies that are either running at a far distance with ease, allowing you to do leaping combos and heavy radial attacks.


Lethal Gust

Lethal Gust

Lethal Gust begins with a swift strike followed by a spinning attack, a heavy attack and another spinning attack while ending with a staggering hit.

Drifting Steel

Drifting Steel

A swift strike followed with a spinning attack followed by 3 powerful leap attacks with the last ending with a powerful staggering strike.

3) Twirling Spire

Twirling Spire Polearm

Twirling Spire has the most combos of the 3 stances which makes it a bit harder to master but rewarded as well due to the multiple functions of the combos.

The more combos the stance has allows you to mix them up with other moves making fighting in melee not only more fun but more flexible as well.

This stance mixes powerful sweeping attacks with powerful impaling strikes making it great for targeting both multiple or single enemies and dealing large amounts of damage.


Cresting Peak

Cresting Peak

Cresting Peak begins with a quick forward attack followed by a frontal stab and a slam attack.

Spiraling Pinnacle

Spiraling Pinnacle

Spiraling Pinnacle begins with a forward stab following by a spinning swipe and a quick forward swipe again, a spinning attack and powerful strike after and ending with a powerful spinning attack with a stab at the end.

Summit Plunge

Summit Plunge

Summit Plunge begins with frontal stab and a quick upper and lower hit followed by  two quick radial attacks, a stab attack and another spinning area attack.

Vaulting Apex

Vaulting Apex

Vaulting Apex beings with a quick stab and swipe followed by two more stabs and a radial swing followed by a powerful leap attack. 


Stances are very important for melee weapons as they not only increase the mod capacity of the weapons, allowing you to upgrade them with more mods, but they also let you use the different fighting stance of the weapon.

This enables you to fight with a certain style that you can either adjust to or use depending on how you use the weapon.

There is a fourth stance that has not been include which is Argent Scourge which is for Conclave only.

As many stances share the same other attacks, the combos are what makes them different.

Combos will deal extra damage depending on which stances you use and what combos you doing and mixing this up can make fighting your enemies more fun but also easier.

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