Top Warframe Whip List in 2022

One of the most unique weapons you see in games nowadays are whips and these did not always appear in video games but we can sure be glad they did.

Not only do these give the benefits of having cool lashing sounds and effects but they give us the chance to use a weapon with a large range and radius.

Most of the time it doesn’t matter what weapon you have and weapons are mostly affected by the builds using your mods, now imagine a whip with good damage and a wide range of attack modded well, now that is a good weapon.

I have used a lot of whips back during my early stages in Warframe and I can tell you they definitely have an advantage.

There are only a few whips in Warframe and only a few can be modded with ease while the others may require good strategy.

However, a well-built whip will surely do its purpose and give an all new experience once you choose the best one for you.

Here is list of the best whips in Warframe:

1) Atterax


The Atterax has been a popular weapon for a long time for many players due to its long range and high critical chance and multiplier.

Many perceived the Atterax as a weapon that could not deal a lot of damage due to the low base damage it had and its attack speed being lower than other.

It took just one build to bring the Atterax to its glory which made it a very ferocious weapon in dealing critical damage along with the successive occurrence of its critical hits.

With an excellent build the Atterax is capable of repeatedly dealing critical hits as well as having a high amount of critical damage due to its high base critical multiplier.

With the proper mods, this whip is one of the strongest and most useful weapons in Warframe.

The Atterax mainly deals slash damage, having 40.5 slash damage along with the low amounts of 2.25 for both puncture and impact damage.


2) Scoliac


Another great whip is the Scoliac, it has a decent base damage and a lot prefer to use this instead of the Atterax due to its base damage and attack speed.

The Scoliac may have a higher base damage but lacks in critical chance and critical multiplier making it more dependent on mods to deal a good amount of damage.

Once modded well, the Scoliac does reach a good amount of damage and another unique thing about the Scoliac is that its slam attack does toxin damage.

The Scoliac basically trades the critical chance and multiplier for a faster attack speed and higher base damage.

Its main damage consists of 38.5 slash along with 8.25 puncture and impact damage.


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3) Secura Lecta


The Secura Lecta was once known for its ability to aid with the farming of credits during missions due to its unique passive.

Its main use back then was to farm credits since its passive allowed people to get an average of 11x or more additional credits but was nerfed and tied to mastery rank.

Now it scales with the mastery rank giving 2x the amount of credits at mastery rank 8 and 4x at mastery rank 16 which is the cap for the bonus credits.

One of the things people mostly did not notice about the Secura Lecta though was that it had a high status chance and already came with an electricity damage as its main damage type.

This allows players to build for the weapon using status builds and elemental damage builds which can prove very useful if they know what they are doing.

The only damage type that the Secura Lecta does when not modded is electricity and becomes much more dangerous once fully modded with more elements.


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4) Galvacord


The Galvacord came out when Fortuna came and appeared to be a just a normal random whip at first but upon realization you should be able to see its capabilities despite some of its lower stats.

This whip, similar to the Secura Lecta deals only elemental damage but there is also a twist, it has physical damage as well, making it capable of scaling from both damage types and customizable for different builds.

Sure the attack speed is low but if you take a look at the status chance, you might imagine the possibilities with a build that can rely on mainly status effects or a build that relies on a few status effects followed by a build similar to that of the Atterax.

In short this weapons can be built in different ways and its only imagination that is preventing the user from creating such builds for it.

The Galvacord mainly deals electricity damage, followed by 22 slash, 14 puncture and 6 impact damage.


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5) Lecta


Similar to its variant the Secura Lecta, this whip basically is a weaker version and does not have the passive to beat credits out of enemies.

This may not be one of the best weapons for late game due to its higher and better variant being out in the market, but this still does do a pretty good job in the earlier parts of the game.

Those who prefer to focus on an approach that uses status effects for damage can resort to this whip early on in Warframe due to its high amount of status chance and its somewhat reliant base electricity damage.

The Lecta only deals 45 electricity damage only and has no physical damage.



There are only a few whips in the game and choosing the one that best suits your playstyle is not that hard.

All you need to do is figure out which build you are going for and how you would like to mod your weapon accordingly.

I do admit only a few whips would suit my taste as the others may not always fit the right role when playing with such weapons.

Among the best that people use, the Atterax appears to be the best whip for critical damage while the Secura Lecta and Galvacord make it a tie for Status.

The rest is up to the users on which they prefer to use and most importantly, how they mod their whips.

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