Warframe Tasoma Extract (Locations, How to Get & Uses)

Tasoma Extract is a resource that can be found in Duviri but it is not like most of the resources that you can find by flying.

This resource is a bit elusive and if you look closely it seems to be twitching at times, making it a rather odd thing to collect.

This resource can be found in the deeper parts of Duviri and can be farmed in certain locations that are not easy to find at first glance.

Warframe Tasoma Extract (The Duviri Paradox)

Where To Get Tasoma Extract?

Tasoma Extract can only be found in caves or near cave entrances, making it quite rare since most of the activity goes on above the land.

There are a few caves that you may explore when in Duviri and it would be best to check the area for some Tasoma Extract just in case you need it later.

A good way to find Tasoma Extract would be to ride your Kaithe in a cave while having the Riding Intrinsics upgraded to show you where resources are.

Some of the caves worth checking out are the ones below the following:

  • Farbreeze Hamlet
  • Upperhaven
  • The Citadel
  • Primrose Village
  • Far Shores Hamlet

While other caves may be explored, we often head to these while doing The Duviri Experience to get Tasoma Extract quickly.

How To Get Tasoma Extract?The Drifter attacking Tasoma plants using his melee weapon or ranged weapon to drop Tasoma Extract

Obtaining Tasoma Extract requires that you first find the Tasoma plants that are hidden inside of the caves as these contain the resource.

Once you find a Tasoma plant, you can attack it with either using your melee or ranged weapon to destroy it, causing it to drop Tasoma Extract.

This is easier to do if you have a Kaithe and run around inside the caves to quickly see where the Tasoma plants are and shoot them as you go by.

Tasoma Extract Uses

Tasoma Extract was first used for crafting the Edun, a weapon that was introduced when The Duviri Paradox first came out.

Not only is Tasoma Extracted used for crafting, it is also one of the requirements when it comes to the Incarnon Genesis upgrades.

The following are the Incarnon Genesis upgrades that require Tasoma Extract:

  • Braton Incarnon Genesis
  • Furax Incarnon Genesis


Players who fancy polearms may have already had their eyes on the Edun for some time and getting Tasoma Extract is necessary if you want to craft it.

For those who are trying out the Incarnon Genesis enhancements, installing adapters for certain weapons will require a good amount of this.

Tasoma Extract is not necessarily hard to farm but it is a rare resource and the areas where you can find it are not as common as the ones above ground.

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