How To Feed Ravenous Maw in Warframe (The Duviri Paradox)

When exploring Duviri, you will come across locations where you can feed the Ravenous Maw, a creature that hungers and searches for prey underwater.

This creature is not hostile towards The Drifter and will even allow him to control it to feed it, which sends it on a hunt in the body of water that it lives in.

By feeding the Ravenous Maw, you will not only get a Decree as one of the rewards, but you will also be able to obtain resources that are only available in the water.

Ravenous Maw in the water at Duviri

What is the Ravenous Maw?

The Ravenous Maw is a creature that exists in the waters of Duviri that feeds on different types of fish that dwell within its home.

It has an appearance that resembles the Golden Maw, which was encountered during the War Within quest whilst venturing through the Mountain Pass.

This creature can be found in several areas around Duviri that are close to a body of water and can be taken control of by The Drifter.

Once The Drifter activates the activity, he will assume control of the Ravenous Maw, allowing him to help it catch fish to sate its hunger.

How To Feed Ravenous Maw?The Drifter feeding The Ravenous Maw to obtain few resources as a reward

To start the Ravenous Maw feeding activity, you will need to head toward the markers and activate them, which will cause the creature to appear.

Once the creature appears, you will take control of it and will be using it to swim around in the water where you can eat fish.

There are different kinds of fish in the water, and you will need to chase after them and eat them to fill up the Ravenous Maw’s meter.

The more fish you consume, the higher the meter gets but there is also a timer that will expire, ending the session.

You can redo this activity as many times as you want when you want to farm the resources that are given as rewards.

Feeding The Ravenous Maw to Get Rewards

It appears that doing this activity rewards you with resources that scale based on how many fish the Ravenous Maw consumes.

You may receive stage rewards which include a Duviri resource, Intrinsics, and a Decree for completing one session. (The rest will not reward you with stage rewards until you start a new journey)

Aside from the stage rewards, the number of fish consumed will contribute to giving you some of the following resources:

These resources are requirements when it comes to crafting some of the items that were released along with The Duviri Paradox.


The Ravenous Maw is always hungry, and you can feed it whenever you want to but you only get rewards once for each time you start The Duviri Experience or The Lone Story.

If the timer runs out before you have filled the meter, you can always try again and there are unlimited attempts, making it easy to farm the resources it drops.

The rarest resource of them all is the Maw Fang, which is required for crafting Duviri weapons and has a higher chance of dropping when you fill the meter at certain points.

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