Warframe Maw Fang (How to Get & Uses)

Maw Fangs are parts of the Ravenous Maw’s tooth, which may have been the result of it eating too much or biting on something that caused damage.

This item is rare and only obtainable in Duviri and is a valuable resource when it comes to crafting certain weapons that came out in The Duviri Paradox update.

To obtain a Maw Fang, you will need to meet the Ravenous Maw up close and find a way to feed it to get a piece of its tooth.

Warframe Maw Fang

Where To Get Maw Fang?

A Maw Fang can only be obtained in Duviri and this requires that you find a body of water where you can interact with the Maw Fang through its feeding activity.

This resource is the result of the creature eating a lot of fish, which is most likely why it may have chipped a piece of its tooth during the Feed The Ravenous Maw activity.

While this is a piece of a Golden Maw creature, it is still a valuable resource that can be used in the making of certain Duviri weapons.

How To Get Maw Fang?The Drifter feeding The Ravenous Maw to obtain Maw Fang as a reward

To obtain the Maw Fang, you will have to start Feed The Ravenous Maw activity, which gives you control of the Ravenous Maw.

This brings you into an activity where you need to feed it by eating the fish that are underwater and to get the Maw Fang, you need to eat a lot.

A successful Maw Fang farming session would be if you can reach certain points of its food meter, which is increased by eating fish. (Max it out to get the most Maw Fangs)

Maw Fang Uses

Maw Fangs are used for crafting the Syam (Nikana) and Azothane (Two-Handed Nikana) weapons, which were both introduced in The Duviri Paradox.

Aside from being used to craft Duviri weapons, Maw Fangs are also used for Incarnon Genesis as they are needed for installing the upgrades:

The following are the Incarnon Genesis upgrades that require Maw Fangs:

  • Latron Incarnon Genesis


While the Golden Maw is a majestic creature that lurks underwater, this does not make it invulnerable as even its fangs break from time to time.

To get the Maw Fang, it is hinted that eating too much will cause it to drop, making it necessary to devour as many fish as you can.

Since this requires a lot of fish to be eaten, it is best to get as many as possible every time you do the Feed The Ravenous Maw activity.

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