How To Get Nacreous Pebble in Warframe (The Duviri Paradox)

A Nacreous Pebble is a resource that is regurgitated by the Ravenous Maw (Golden Maw) after it has gone on a feeding frenzy.

This item appears as a shiny, colorful stone that is the result of pebbles being swallowed by the Ravenous Maw while it is eating.

Obtaining these can be done in Duviri after you have fed the creature in the water through an activity found in The Duviri Experience.

Warframe Nacreous Pebble

Where To Get Nacreous Pebble?

Nacreous Pebble can be obtained in Duviri but this requires that you interact with the creature and feed it to get it.

This resource is found after the Ravenous Maw has eaten and can be acquired along with other rewards once it is done eating.

These pebbles were once ordinary and were most likely swallowed along with the fish that it eats during the activity.

How To Get Nacreous Pebble?The Drifter feeding The Ravenous Maw to obtain Nacreous Pebble as a reward

Starting the activity called Feed The Ravenous Maw will allow you to later obtain Nacreous Pebble as a reward and these come in small amounts.

Once you have started the activity, you will take control of the Ravenous Maw and will be able to start eating fish in the water.

The more fish you eat, the higher the chance of you getting more Nacreous Pebbles, making this the only way to farm the resource.

Nacreous Pebble Uses

Crafting the Edun requires a hefty amount of Nacreous Pebbles but this is not the only use for the resources since they are required for Incarnon Genesis Upgrades.

There are certain Incarnon Genesis upgrades that require Nacreous Pebbles, which allows you to install and improve the performance of the upgraded weapons.

The following is a list of the Incarnon Genesis upgrades that require Nacreous Pebble:

  • Bronco Incarnon Genesis
  • Lato Incarnon Genesis


It turns out that in its hunger, the Ravenous Maw will pretty much swallow up anything that moves but sometimes, pebbles get swallowed as well.

This is what creates the Nacreous Pebbles once it regurgitates the ordinary pebbles as they get transformed while in its belly.

Farming Necrous Pebbles is easy but they do come in small amounts but you can always repeat the activity until you have enough.

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