Warframe Ariette Scale (Locations & How to Get)

Ariette Scale is a resource taken from the fish of Duviri as they may all have their appearance and features but this part is common in all of them.

This chromatic resource is known to be what remains of the fish that were consumed by the Ravenous Maw that can be found in Duviri.

To obtain this resource, players will have to feed the creature and later on, reap the rewards for helping sate its hunger.

Warframe Ariette Scale

Where To Get Ariette Scale?

Ariette Scale can only be obtained in Duviri but this is not just a simple resource that can be picked up anywhere, you need to delve into the water as the Ravenous Maw.

The Ariette Scales are only present on the fish of Duviri, which makes them the only source for obtaining the resources.

You can find multiple locations in Duviri that allow you to Feed The Ravenous Maw, which will result in this resource amongst the rewards.

How To Get Ariette Scale?The Drifter feeding The Ravenous Maw to get Ariette Scale

To Get Ariette Scale, you will have to do Feed The Ravenous Maw activity, which can be done by locating its beacon and interacting with it.

This will give you control over the Ravenous Maw, allowing you to consume fish while underwater until the timer is up or you have consumed enough fish.

At the end of the activity, you will receive rewards depending on how many fish have been consumed by the Ravenous Maw.

Ariette Scale Uses

Currently, we have not discovered the uses for Ariette Scale and will update this shortly when something comes up.


Ariette Scales currently does not have any obvious uses but there may be some added later on in the game in future updates.

For now, you can grab some of these while farming Maw Fang’s as those are required when it comes to crafting some of the Duviri weapons.

While this resource can only be obtained from the Ravenous Maw feeding, it comes in large amounts and is easy to grind.

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