How To Get Rune Marrow in Warframe

Rune Marrow is one of the resources that was discovered when The Duviri Paradox came out that is rarer than the other ones.

It is said that the resource originates from Duviri’s core, making it a bit harder to collect than the other resources you would usually find.

Although this resource may take more time to collect, with a good amount of grinding, you can get enough for crafting once you know where to find it.

Warframe Rune Marrow (The Duviri Paradox)

Where To Get Rune Marrow?

Since Rune Marrow originates from the core of Duviri, this is a clear hint that it comes from the Undercroft, meaning you need to go inside.

You may enter the Undercroft a few times if you are doing The Duviri Experience or The Lone Story but the best way would be to participate in The Circuit.

Participating in The Circuit will allow you to focus on missions only in the Undercroft, allowing you to find a lot of Rune Marrow.

The Undercroft is the only place where you can find Rune Marrow, making it rare and something to seek out whenever you go there.

How To Get Rune Marrow?

Rune Marrow can be obtained by destroying Runic Compact, which is a container that holds Rune Marrow in place.

These can be found all over the Undercroft and can easily be obtained by roaming around the outer parts of the area.

You can also find Rune Marrow hidden in rooms and small spaces in the Undercroft and will sometimes get some without knowing since the Runic Compact often gets destroyed.

Rune Marrow Uses

Rune Marrow is a key resource when it comes to making the Duviri weapons as they all require an amount of it along with other resources.

The following weapons require Rune Marrow:

Rune Marrow is also one of the requirements when it comes to installing Incarnon Genesis upgrades on certain weapons.

The following weapons require Rune Marrow for Incarnon Genesis upgrades:

  • Braton Incarnon Genesis
  • Paris Incarnon Genesis
  • Latron Incarnon Genesis
  • Furax Incarnon Genesis
  • Boltor Incarnon Genesis

Rune Marrow Resource Booster

Previously, Rune Marrow seemed to be unaffected by Resource Boosters but this appears to have been fixed in one of the hotfixes, allowing players to make use of the booster.

Having an active resource booster will double the amount of Rune Marrow that you pick up after destroying a Runic Compact container.


Rune Marrow is not amongst the drop table of the stages that are done during Duviri game sessions and is only available in the Undercroft.

The best Rune Marrow farm method would be to participate in The Circuit as this allows you to continuously fight in different areas of the Undercroft.

Each weapon requires a hefty amount of Rune Marrow, making it essential to get as much as possible if you want to craft them as soon as possible.

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