Warframe Molt Augmented (How to Get, Effects & Stats)

When it comes to Warframes that rely heavily upon Ability Strength to power up their abilities, one of the best Arcanes that you can get is Molt Augmented.

This works extremely well in games that take some time to complete such as Defense, Survival, and Excavation missions as they rely on stacks.

If you are using a Warframe that tends to get a lot of kills in a game, you can ensure they get a huge boost in Ability Strength this Arcane.

Warframe Molt Augmented Mod

How To Get Molt Augmented?

Molt Augmented Arcanes can be purchased from Cavalero, which can be found on the Zariman Ten Zero and will have them in stock for 10,000 standing.

Purchasing this Arcane will require that you have already reached Rank 5 (Angel) with The Holdfasts, which means you’ll have to progress with them.

Aside from purchasing Molt Augmented, certain enemies may drop the Arcane by chance depending on what type of enemy you kill.

The following enemies can drop Molt Augmented:

  • Thrax Centurion (0.33%)
  • Thrax Legatus (0.33%)
  • Void Angel (1.67%)
  • Ravenous Void Angel (0.67%)

Void Angels give the best chance to obtain Molt Augmented and you can find them in any Zariman Ten Zero mission since at least one is guaranteed to be in one of the larger rooms.

Ravenous Void Angels tend to spawn at the end of Void Armageddon cycles and may also provide you with a chance to get them.

Thrax Centurion and Thrax Legatus enemies are not the best pick but if you can defeat lots of them, you may be lucky enough to get Molt Augmented.

Molt Augmented Effects

When your Warframe is equipped with Molt Augmented, it will gain a bonus to ability strength whenever an enemy is killed, stacking for each kill.

The source of the kill does not matter and can either be from weapons, abilities, and even external parts of the mission until it ends, meaning even if you die the stacks remain.

This will boost your overall Ability Strength, improving all the abilities that are affected by the said stats with the bonus from Molt Augmented.

Molt Augmented Stats

Arcane Rank

Bonus Ability Strength

Max Bonus










At Rank 0, Molt Augmented will provide 0.04% additional Ability Strength per kill and can stack up to 10% until the end of the mission.

At its highest rank, this number is bolstered to 0.24% Ability Strength per kill and can reach a maximum of 60% bonus Ability Strength.

For every Arcane Rank, the bonus Ability Strength per kill is increased by 0.04% while the maximum bonus increases by 10% increase per rank.


When it comes to Warframes that deal damage using their abilities, getting a lot of kills quickly can allow you to reach the maximum stacks early.

It will take up to 250 enemy kills to get the maximum number of stacks and this will persist until the end of the mission even if you die.

Kills only done by your Warframe and their other sources (tracked in mission progress) will only be counted when it comes to stacks.

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