How To Get All Duviri Weapons in Warframe

When The Duviri Paradox came out, players were excited to find out that The Drifter would have new weapons and not just ranged ones but melee weapons.

These weapons can be used by The Drifter when he is exploring Duviri but it turns out that you can also use these weapons for your Warframe.

To get these weapons, you will need to do a bit of grinding, but this is easily done, and you can have all the weapons in a couple of days or less.

Warframe All Duviri Weapons

How To Get Duviri Weapons?

Currently, there are 5 melee weapons and 1 ranged weapon that have been added during the release of The Duviri Paradox.

1) Melee Weapons

Duviri Melee Weapons

The melee weapons that came out in The Duviri Paradox can all be seen in Teshin’s Cave and at the start of the whole journey, you already start with one.

The rest of them need to be purchased with Pathos Clamps or with Platinum and once you have purchased them, you will have them available for The Drifter.

Aside from providing The Drifter with new melee weapons, this also unlocks the blueprint which you can later craft in your foundry, making it also usable by your Warframe.

The following are the melee weapons from The Duviri Paradox:

  • Sun & Moon – Teshin’s signature Dual Nikanas that are given to The Drifter at the start of The Duviri Paradox quest. (Free)
  • Azothane – A Two-Handed Nikana that can be plunged into the ground to damage enemies with a shockwave. (50 Pathos Clamp or 250 Platinum)
  • Syam – A Nikana that can send out shockwaves with its heavy attack. (50 Pathos Clamp or 250 Platinum)
  • Edun A Polearm that can be thrown at enemies with a heavy attack, which explodes afterward. (50 Pathos Clamp or 250 Platinum)
  • Sampotes – A large hammer that has slam attacks with a large area of effect. (60 Pathos or 275 Platinum)

2) Cinta Bow

Warframe Cinta Bow (Duviri Bow)

Cinta, also known as a Duviri Bow is a weapon that can be seen used by the Dax Arcus enemies, which is capable of dealing large amounts of damage.

It has two attack modes, which are a normal shot that can be charged to release a powerful blast or an alternate fire that causes you to jump backward while releasing a cluster of explosives.

You can freely switch between these firing modes at any time by pressing the alternate fire button, making it a situational weapon.

The Cintra Bow parts and its blueprint can be obtained by completing Enigma Gyrum Puzzles, which are found all over Duviri.

Pathos Clamps Farming

You can obtain Pathos Clamps during either The Duviri Experience or The Lone Story, which both reward the currency.

This requires that you complete all the stages in the mode and that you defeat the Orowryn at the end, which will reward you with 10 Pathos Clamps or 15 if you are doing it on Steel Path.

To do this, you will have to complete the modes repeatedly to get Pathos Clamps and the best option would be to do The Lone Story.

Enigma Gyrum Puzzles

The Cinta Bow requires that you do Enigma Gyrum puzzles and there will be a chance that the blueprints for it or its parts may be amongst the drops.

Multiple Enigma Gyrum puzzles can be found in Duviri and each one of them has a good chance to reward you with the bow and its part.

You can easily find these puzzles by flying around on a Kaithe and using your Left Hand, which will show them from afar.


Obtaining all the Duviri weapons will require some grinding, especially when it comes to getting Pathos Clamps for the melee weapons.

It may be easier to get your hands on the Cinta bow if you do Enigma Gyrum Puzzles often while venturing in The Duviri Experience.

Unlike melee weapons, Cinta cannot be purchased for Platinum and must be obtained by finding all of its parts instead.

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