How To Earn Medallions in Guardian Games 2023 (Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum)

The Guardian Games puts players in a contest to see which class is the best and to do this, they must earn Class Points.

To score Class Points, Guardians will need to obtain medallions that can later be deposited into the Guardian Games Podium.

To obtain medallions, you will need to first get your hands on a Medallions Case and afterward, the fun begins.

D2 Medallions Guardian Games

How To Get Medallion Case?D2 Medallion Case Quest

The Medallion Case can be obtained by completing the Best in Class quest, which can be obtained by Eva Levante during the Guardian Games Event.

The Best in Class event serves as an introduction to the event and guides you through the early stages of collecting medals.

Once you have a Medallion Case, you will be able to start collecting medallions that can later be deposited to get Class Points.

How To Earn All Medallions in Guardian Games?

Obtaining your Class Item will allow you to obtain medallions for completing activities, which is a crucial item to equip for medallion farming.

Eva Levante will also have Contender or Platinum Cards available, which act as bounties that allow you to obtain Gold or Platinum Medallions.

1) Bronze Medallions

Bronze Medallions can be obtained by doing some of the more common activities in Destiny 2 and your best choices would be Vanguard Playlists, Crucible Matches, and Gambit Matches.

These will provide you with Bronze Medallions once you have completed them and for Crucible and Gambit, they are still rewarded even if you don’t win.

More activities to get Bronze Medallions include Neptune Activities and Defiant Battlegrounds since they are the season’s main activities.

2) Silver Medallions

Silver Medallions are obtained similarly to Bronze Medallions, but these are mostly gained by doing the same activities on harder difficulties.

Examples of these would be Legendary Lost Sectors and Nightfall Vanguards Playlists where you get higher scores at the end of the activities.

3) Gold Medallions

Gold Medallions can be obtained by doing the endgame activities that pose more of a challenge to players, which can later reward them with more Class Points.

You can get these from Competitive Crucible, Dungeons, Legend Defiant Battlegrounds, and by completing Contender Cards.

Other activities include Raids, Dungeons, and Trials of Osiris, which are best done if you play with a team to finish quickly.

4) Platinum Medallions

Platinum Medallions are the rarest and give the most Class Points but pose more of a challenge, making them a bit harder to get.

These can be obtained on similar activities that you would do for Gold Medallions but instead, you will need to do them on a much higher difficulty.

The best way to get Platinum Medallions is to purchase Platinum Cards from Eva Levante and complete the given challenge.

Medallion Uses

Medallions can be deposited in the Guardian Games Podium, which can be found at The Tower near Eva Levante.

Once you have deposited medallions, this will increase your Class Points and you will also receive rewards for doing this.

Additionally, after you have deposited enough medallions of a certain type, you can head up to the nearby torch to collect rewards.

Guardian Games 2023 Rewards

Depositing medallions will not only get you Class Points, but you will also get a few other rewards every time you make deposits.

These can include legendary gear, which may be a piece of armor, weapons (including The Title or Taraxippos) along with Glimmer or materials.


While the Guardian Games Event is meant to be a competition that pits the classes against each other, it is more of a fun way to engage together in activities.

Since there are a lot of challenges to complete, players have the chance to get their hands on some valuable rewards they can use later.

Not only will you be able to get a lot of goodies, but you can also prove to be one of the best in your class with the Champ title.

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