Destiny 2 Guardian Games 2023 All Triumphs

Destiny 2’s Guardian Games are underway, and it looks like there is a set of challenges along with triumphs that can be completed by players to get tons of rewards.

Some of the triumphs are also the challenges that come from the Guardian Games Event Card while there are also additional triumphs for players to complete.

Being able to complete all the triumphs will reward players with in-game items as well as earn the usable title of Champ once they have finished them all.

Destiny 2 Guardian Games All Triumphs

How To Get Champ Title?

To get the Champ title, players will need to complete all 16 triumphs that are given during the event before it ends by participating in activities and completing the challenges.

This means that you will need to complete and claim the rewards for each of the challenges and triumphs that are listed in the Event Progress section.

Once you have claimed the Champ triumph, you will be able to equip it, and this will be seen by players who are around you on certain maps or by your fireteam when in activities.

There is one last event challenge or triumph, which is the Champ triumph, which is claimed to get the title making it a total of 17 challenges.

List of All Guardian Games 2023 Triumphs

Here is a list of all the Guardian Games 2023 Triumphs along with a brief detail on how you can complete them.

  • In It To Win It – Earn a medallion in any activity and bank it
  • Bronze – Bank medallions
  • Silver – Bank more medallions
  • Gold – Bank even more medallions
  • Platinum – Bank enough medallions to earn more class points
  • In The Cards – Complete Contender and Platinum Cards
  • Talented Scout – Defeat targets with Scout Rifles
  • Pull Some Strings – Defeat targets or assist teammates with Strand damage and abilities
  • Good Games – Defeat targets in Supremacy matches or Guardian Games playlists
  • Class Pride – Complete Supremacy of Guardian Games playlist activities with special matchmaking
  • Friendly Rivalry – Complete Crucible, Gambit, or Supremacy matches
  • Up For the Challenge – Complete Guardian Games Ops Nightfalls
  • Crest Collector – Earn Points in Supremacy by picking up crests from defeated opponents
  • Classy Arsenal – Defeat targets with Guardian Games weapons
  • Cloudrunning – Complete activities on Neptune
  • Circuit Training – Complete Dares of Eternity, Vanguard Ops playlist activities, or Defiant Battlegrounds
  • Champ – Complete all Guardian Games 2023 Event Challenges

How To Complete Challenges?

To complete challenges during the Guardian Games event, you will need to follow the objectives and claim the rewards after.

These will get you both the rewards and claim the triumphs, allowing you to progress to the other ones until you obtain the Champ title.

At any time, you can check the Even Card for Guardian Games to see what triumphs or challenges you need to complete next.


The Guardian Game challenges and triumphs are very similar, with triumphs having a little more extra for you to do.

They can all be accessed through the Guardian Games Event Card at any time by heading to your quests menu and selecting the Guardian Games Limited-Time Event.

All of the challenges and rewards are only available during the Guardian Games event, making it important to claim what you can before it ends.

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