Guardian Games 2023 Event Tickets (How to Get & Uses)

Event Tickets have always been amongst most of the events that have gone around in Destiny 2 and now with the Guardian Games present, players can obtain them again.

One thing to keep in mind is that before you can use Event Tickets, you will need to first spend some Silver to redeem rewards for them.

This is done by purchasing the Event Card upgrade, allowing you to purchase certain rewards with the Event Tickets earned, which are mainly cosmetics.

Guardian Games Event Tickets

How to Get Guardian Games 2023 Event Tickets?

To obtain event tickets, you will need to complete Event Card Challenges, which will reward tickets after you have completed the challenge objectives and have claimed them.

Along with the Event Tickets, you will also be receiving other rewards, which compensate those who have opted not to go for the Event Card upgrade.

Once you claim the Event Card Challenges that you have completed, the Event Tickets listed under their rewards will also be received.

Uses of Guardian Games Event TicketsGuardian Games Event Card.

Event Tickets are used to purchase some of the cosmetic rewards that can be found on the Guardian Games Event Card.

These will change depending on what event is present and for Guardian Games 2023, there is a whole new set of rewards.

Below is a list of all the purchasable items during Guardian Games 2023 that can be bought with Event Tickets earned during the event.

How To Complete Nimbus Weekly Bounty?

To complete Nimbus’ weekly bounty, you will need to do 2 objectives, which are to obtain a Polymorphic Engine and to collect Shellcode Fragments.

The Polymorphic Engine can be obtained by completing a Terminal Overload and using a key to open the second chest.

Shellcode Fragments can be obtained by defeating enemies within the Vex Incursion Zone using Strand damage.

  • Guardian Games Event Pack – Free to claim with Event Card Upgrade
  • Gridiron Shell – 7 Event Tickets
  • Darts Emote – 5 Event Tickets
  • Colorful Motes Effects – 3 Event Tickets
  • Medal Collector Projection – 1 Event Ticket

Guardian Games Event PackGuardian Games Event Package (Contains 3 Guardian Games Accessories)

The Guardian Games Event Pack is free upon upgrading your Event Card Upgrade and will provide you with a set of free Guardian Games accessories.

This includes the Championship Dance (Exotic Emote) and the Barnstormer (Exotic Vehicle) along with the Coronal Bloom (Legendary Shader) which are immediately placed into your inventory.

Aside from being able to claim these 3 items, you will also be able to use Event Tickets after purchasing the Event Card Upgrade.

Is The Event Card Upgrade Worth It?

If you are a fan of cosmetics and would like a little extra in the game, the Event Card Upgrade can provide you with these things.

While no additional game content or advantages are gained, these allow you to customize your character more and add a little more fun to the game.

The Event Card upgrade is purely meant for cosmetics and is an optional purchase that does not affect the game in any major way.


Anyone who participates in the Guardian Games 2023 event will be able to collect Event Tickets as they complete challenges in the game.

To use the Event Tickets however, you will need to have first purchased the Event Card Upgrade, making it useless to collect them if you don’t get it.

The only way for you to obtain Event Tickets for Guardian Games 2023 or for other events is to participate in the events by completing the challenges.

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