How To Get Taraxippos in Destiny 2

The Taraxippos is a Strand Scout Rifle that was introduced in the Guardian Games 2023 Event, which took players by storm since Strand was a new subclass.

It deals a good amount of damage and has a decent fire rate, making it good for several Strand builds that players are using.

Because of its origin trait, Guardians that utilize this weapon will be able to use their abilities more often when fighting their enemies.

Destiny 2 Taraxippos (Legendary Scout Rifle)

“A flash of green on the event horizon”

How To Get Taraxippos?

The Taraxippos can be obtained as a reward for depositing medallions in the podium at the tower, which happens to be during Guardian Games 2023.

It is also a reward for the Talented Scout challenge in the Guardian Games 2023 Event Card and may also be obtained by collecting rewards from the torches.

Taraxippos Weapon Perks

Classy Contender (Origin Trait)

Final blows with the Taraxippos grant class ability energy, allowing Guardians who use this to use their abilities more often.

This can be swapped to the Omolon Fluid Dynamics origin trait, which provides the Taraxippos with increased reload speed and stability for half of its magazine.

Taraxippos Intrinsic Traits

Lightweight Frame

The lightweight frame intrinsic trait provides superb handling, allowing the Guardian to move around faster when the Taraxippos are equipped.


The Taraxippos has a good amount of range on it and since it is a Strand weapon, this goes well with a lot of builds that rely on Strand damage to be dealt with.

Can substitute this weapon to use it as a Scout Rifle when another exotic weapon is being used since it is good for long-range damage.

Depending on what roll you get for its stats, the Taraxippos, certain traits may make the weapon more suitable, especially when you upgrade it to Masterwork.

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