How To Get The Title in Destiny 2

The Title is a returning submachine gun and is now part of the Guardian Games 2023, being a reward for participating in it.

This submachine gun is capable of firing at a rapid rate and also has decent accuracy on it as well as a good amount of range.

With this legendary submachine gun, a Guardian’s class energy can quickly be regained thanks to its origin trait.

The Title (Legendary Submachine Gun)

How To Get The Title?

The Title is first awarded to players who complete the In It To Win It challenge of the Guardian Games 2023 event and may continue obtaining several of these for different rolls.

Other ways to obtain it are to deposit medallions on the podium during the Guardian Games 2023 event or by receiving rewards from the torches during the event.

The Title Perks

Classy Contender (Origin Trait)

Final blows dealt by The Title will provide class ability energy, which will reduce the amount of time you need to wait to use your abilities.

You may swap Classy Contender for Hakke Breach Armaments, which provides The Title with increased damage against vehicles, turrets, barricades, and Stasis Crystals.

The Title Intrinsic Traits

Aggressive Frame

This intrinsic trait improves the damage of the weapon but has a toll on The Title’s recoil but this is balanced out with its other stats.

The ability to deal more damage and still have reliable handling with the weapon makes it easy to aim at enemies to deal precision hits often.


The Title is a good choice for submachine gun lovers who often use their abilities in a fight because of the Classy Contender origin trait.

This weapon can be mixed and matched with different builds and can offer to be an alternate weapon for those who want to use a submachine gun.

Hakke Breach Armaments can sometimes be a good option for those who are to encounter other targets or for those who tend to create a lot of Stasis Crystals.

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