How to Claim the Champ Title (Guardian Games 2023)

The Guardian Games has brought a title that several players are itching to get, the Champ title, and this can be done by focusing on completing the challenges as fast as possible.

To do this, there are certain activities you can focus on and by sticking to each of the challenge requirements, you can obtain it fast.

In this guide, we have provided a breakdown of how you can complete the challenges quickly to get the Champ seal.

Guardian Games 2023 Champ Title

How To Complete Guardian Games Challenges Quickly?

Below is a quick breakdown of what needs to be done for all of the challenges to earn the Champ title.

  • Pull Some Strings – Use Strand to defeat targets
  • In The Cards – Complete Contender and Platinum Cards
  • Good Games – Defeat targets in Supremacy matches or Guardian Games playlists
  • Up For The Challenge – Complete Guardian Games Ops Nightfalls
  • Classy Arsenal – Defeat targets with Guardian Games weapons
  • Class Pride – Complete Supremacy or Guardian Games playlist activities with special matchmaking
  • Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum Triumphs – Completed by depositing medallions at the podium
  • Cloudrunning – Complete activities on Neptune
  • In It to Win It – Earn a medallion from activity completions and bank it
  • Circuit Training – Complete Dares of Eternity, Vanguard Ops or Defiant Battlegrounds activities
  • Friendly Rivalry – Complete Crucible, Gambit, or Supremacy matches
  • Talented Scout – Defeat targets with Scout Rifles
  • Crest Collector – Earn points in Supremacy by picking up crests from defeated opponents
  • Going The Distance – Bank medallions at the podium in the Tower
  • Hall of Fame – Complete a Guardian Games Nightfall without dying and complete a match of Supremacy with a score of at least 30
  • Record Setter – Complete Platinum Contender Cards
  • Grand Slam – Reach the Platinum score threshold in the Guardian Games Nightfall Playlist

The first thing you will want to do is equip the Guardian Games weapon Taraxippos and use it to complete Pull Some Some Strings, Talented Scout, and Classy Arsenal.

Doing Supremacy matches will be able to complete the Good Games, Class Pride, Crest Collector, and Hall of Fame challenges.

The rest of the challenges will be completed as long as you follow the objectives and continue to bank medals into the podium.

Claiming The Champ Title

The Champ title may be claimed once you have completed all the challenges that are available during the Guardian Games 2023 event.

Once all the challenges have been completed and claimed, you will be able to claim the champ Title by checking the Guardian Games Event Card.

Once you have the Champ title, you can later equip it, which will be shown to the other players, showing your accomplishments.


The Champ title is not that hard to obtain during the Guardian Games Event that is going on in 2023 but this will require a bit of dedication to the challenges.

Some of the challenges can be worked on at the same time, which is a good way to quickly grab the Champ title.

Checking the list of the challenges is a good way to prepare in advance so you know have a direction of what can be done easiest and what should be done later on.

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