Warframe The Duviri Experience (Unlock, Decrees, Steel Path & Rewards)

The Duviri Experience is one of the game modes that is later unlocked after you have delved into The Duviri Paradox update.

This allows players to explore and enjoy a vast world known as Duviri, where they can complete stages, objectives and farm resources.

Players who tackle this game mode can farm a lot of Drifter Intrinsics, resources and more depending on how long they explore the land.

The Duviri Experience game mode in Warframe

How To Unlock The Duviri Experience?

The Duviri Experience is unlocked by completing The Duviri Paradox quest, which allows players to choose if they want to leave or stay to continue exploring.

At any time you want after leaving, you can always head back to Duviri to begin exploring and collecting different resources.

Activities in The Duviri Experience

The Duviri Experience begins with you having to complete 6 stages and the final battle, which puts you up against an Orowyrm.

Once this has been finished, you can explore the land or leave the session but since The Duviri Experience was meant for farming, it is best to make the most of it.

During or after you have completed the main objectives in The Duviri Experience, you can explore several areas that have the resources needed for most of the equipment from the update.

You can farm resources and Drifter Intrinsics as there will be multiple side objectives that have you searching for chests, defeating Dax enemies and more.

Some of the more popular activities that can be encountered in The Duviri Experience are the following:

  • Fighting Dax enemies
  • Looting chests
  • Rescuing prisoners
  • Saving wild beasts
  • Playing Komi
  • Performing using a Shawzin
  • Feeding the Ravenous Maw
  • Solving Enigma Gyrum Puzzles
  • Herding Tamms
  • Reconnecting Power Lines
  • Activating Shrines

All of these can provide you with resources and Drifter Intrinsics upon completion as well as decrees that make your exploration easier.

Choose Your DecreeChoosing Decrees

Decrees provide you with different benefits depending on which one you have chosen and the more you have, the stronger you will be.

These can be obtained after completing different activities and eventually can help you overpower any enemy you find in Duviri.

The Duviri Experience allows you to eventually collect all Decrees, making The Drifter extremely powerful until the next session.

The Duviri Experience Steel PathThe Duviri Experience Steel Path option

The Duviri Experience has a Steel Path option, which increases the level, health, shield and armor of enemies that you encounter.

Doing, The Duviri Experience on Steel Path mode will allow you to get even more rewards as you defeat enemies, farm and complete the main stages.

It is best to gather multiple Decrees during the early stages and by doing side activities before taking on harder enemies to prepare yourself for the final battle.

The Duviri Experience Rewards

The Duviri Experience mainly rewards you with more Intrinsics as long as you continue to do side activities after completing the main stages.

You will be able to farm a lot of Intrinsics this way and after you have completed the main stages, you also get Pathos Clamp.

A lot of resources can be obtained from both exploring and completing activities, allowing you to get a lot before leaving a session.


The Duviri Experience was meant to be the main activity players could return to after completing The Duviri Paradox quest.

This allows you to explore the entire land and farm resources in several ways while fighting Dax enemies who exist in the lands.

If you are going after Drifter Intrinsics, your best bet would be to explore this game mode and complete as many side objectives as possible.

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