Warframe The Lone Story (Unlock, Missions, Decrees & Rewards)

The Lone Story is one of the shorter game modes that are available for players to do when they want to farm certain resources from Duviri.

This is a quick game mode that can be done in minutes, allowing players to focus mainly on completing a set of stages to get rewards.

Players who after obtaining all of the melee weapons from Duviri as well as other bonus resources can do them in The Lone Story without distractions.

The Lone Story game mode in Warframe

How To Unlock The Lone Story?

The Lone Story is unlocked once you have completed The Duviri Paradox quest, allowing you to access 3 different game modes including this one.

Once you have access to The Lone Story, you will be able to do a quick run of the stages while defeating the final boss to get rewards before leaving the session.

How To Play The Lone Story?

The Lone Story begins with you selecting a Warframe and a set of weapons from randomly given choices within Teshin’s Cave.

Once you have chosen your Warframe and weapons, you will need to head through the portal to enter Duviri, where you will begin completing stages.

You will have to complete each of the stages to reach the final boss and once you have defeated them, you will be able to leave the session with your rewards.

The Lone Story Missions

The Lone Story has a set of objectives, which depend on which mood spiral is in effect and these can be either Joy, Anger, Envy, Sorrow or Fear.

Each of the moods will change enemy damage and the colour of Duviri while certain objectives may be available per stage.

After completing all 6 stages, you will be able to face off against an Orowyrm that later rewards you with Pathos Clamps.

Choose Your DecreeChoosing Decrees (The Lone Story)

While you are venturing into The Lone Story, you will be able to choose Decrees after completing a stage and choosing one may empower the Drifter and/or your selected Warframe.

The Lone Story has only 6 stages and this will get you 6 Decrees to choose from before fighting the Orowyrm, which makes it necessary to choose wisely.

Defeating the Orowyrm will provide you with an additional Decree but this is not needed since the main objectives are already done.

Additionally, a Decree may be purchased from Acrithis beforehand if you need a little boost during the session.

The Lone Story Rewards

The Lone Story will reward players with resources and Intrinsics for each stage that has been completed before fighting the Orowyrm.

Once you have defeated the Orowyrm, you will be rewarded with Pathos Clamps, making this the best way to farm Pathos Clamps as you can finish it quickly.

Additionally, you can explore Duviri before leaving the session to grab other resources that can be found scattered around the area.


The Lone Story is more of a quick run through most of the objectives that you can get during a single session and is meant to be the best way to farm Pathos Clamps.

Aside from being able to get Pathos Clamps, you can also get your hands on certain resources before starting a new session.

It is best to make sure you choose the right Decrees to make your final battle easier as once that is done, you will most likely be leaving.

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