How to Get Terminal Overload Keys in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Terminal Overload Key

When Season of Defiance was introduced, a new activity called Terminal Overload became available for players to participate in.

This set of challenges rewards those who complete it with a lot of loot but even more awaits them if they have a Terminal Overload key.

Terminal Overload Keys are items used to unlock chests that can be found when Guardians participate in the Terminal Overload activity.

Where to Get Terminal Overload Keys?

Terminal Overload Keys can be obtained on Neomuna when you do various activities, making it the best place to get Terminal Overload Keys.

There are a lot of activities that can be done in the city and the more difficult it is, the better the chance you have to obtain a Terminal Overload Key.

How to Get Terminal Overload Keys?

You can get Terminal Overload Keys by completing activities such as public events, looting chests, or completing patrols around the city.

These must be done on Neomuna and you can find them all over the different areas located within the city.

Looting chests and doing patrols seem to have a small chance to provide you with a Terminal Overload key while doing public events seems to give them often.

You may also get a Terminal Overload Key for completing the Daily Bounty provided by Nimbus at Strider’s Gate.

Terminal Overload Key UseOpening a chest at the end of Terminal Overload activity

At the end of a Terminal Overload activity, you will be able to open up a chest after it has been completed, providing you with rewards.

Aside from the first chest that appears, there will be a second chest with a symbol above it, which requires a Terminal Overload Key to be opened.

Opening the Terminal Overload second chest will reward you with Neomuna Rank, Glimmer, Legendary Gear, and Strand Meditations.

Why Terminal Overload Keys is Not Dropping?

If you are not getting any Terminal Overload Keys, this may be because you have not yet completed the Stargazer quest.

You will need to obtain the Stargazer quest from the City Archivist, which becomes available after completing the Welcome to the Hall of Heroes quest.

During the Stargazer quest, you will be introduced to the Terminal Overload Activities, which is where you will eventually get your first Terminal Overload Key and unlock your first chest.

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