Destiny 2 The Final Strand Quest Steps

The Final Strand Lightfall Exotic Quest

After you have previously mastered your Strand abilities, it is time for you to become more adept with it by incorporating Strand energy into your weapons.

There is a weapon that has been developed by the Cloud Striders, which is one of many that have been created but this one stands out a bit.

Nimbus has an idea about incorporating Strand energy into a weapon to make it devastating when used against enemies and would like to speak with you.

How to Get The Final Strand Quest?

The Final Strand Quest becomes available once you have obtained the Strand Subclass and have mastered it for at least one subclass.

This requires that you have purchased all of its upgrades, which includes all of the Aspects and Fragments from the Pouka Ponds.

The Final Strand Quest StepsThe Final Strand Quest Info

Step 1: Visit Nimbus in Strider’s Gate in Neomuna

Nimbus will have an idea about incorporating Strand energy into a weapon but first, you will need to head to Strider’s Gate to talk to him.

  • Visit Nimbus

Step 2: Search for Strand-inoculated Gadgets in Veil Containment in Neomuna

A waypoint will mark the direction you need to go to and you will need to follow it until you reach a portal.

The area will be a familiar sight as this is the location you defended the Veil back when you did the Lightfall campaign.

  • Search Veil Containment

defeating the Shadow Legion to drop the Shadow Legion Orders

Step 3: Defeat the Shadow Legion and read their orders to learn where they took the spoils

The Ikralla Institute for Veil-related equipment has been looted by the Shadow Legion and you will need to defeat the ones in the area to find where they took them.

You will need to defeat the Shadow Legion enemies in the area which include a Colossus, who will drop the Shadow Legion Orders when defeated.

  • Read orders

Step 4: Retrieve the Veil spectrometer from the Typhon Imperator

It seems that the Shadow Legion has brought a valuable item back to the Typhon Imperator and you will need to head over to retrieve it.

You will need to travel to the Typhon Imperator and follow the waypoint, which will take you to the bridge that used to be uncrossable

Once you cross the bridge, you will need to defeat the enemies, which includes an Imprint of Nezarec, who will drop the Veil Spectrometer.

  • Retrieve Veil Spectrometer

Step 5: Visit The Pouka Pond in the Hall of Heroes in Neomuna

Now that you have the Veil Spectrometer, you will need to head to The Pouka Pond and interact with it to proceed with the quest.

You can fast travel to The Pouka Pond by viewing the Neomuna destination and selecting the Hall of Heroes fast travel point.

  • Visit Pouka Pond

Step 6: Complete Osiris’s Training Program in Radiosonde in at Least 5 Minutes 30 Seconds to Retune the Veil Spectrometer

To tune the Veil Spectrometer, you will need to do the Headlong: Time Trial mission, which can be accessed by viewing the Neomuna destination.

  • Reach a goal time of below 5 minutes and 30 seconds

Step 7: Visit the Pouka Pond in the Hall of Heroes to Finish Your Strand Weapon

Now that the Spectrometer is returned, you will need to interact with The Pouka Pond once more to finalize your weapon.

Collecting the Final Warning Exotic Sidearm after interacting with the Pouka Pond will complete the quest.

  • Visit Pouka Pond

The Final Strand Rewards

Once you have completed The Final Strand, you will now have the Final Warning Exotic Sidearm, which has the All at Once intrinsic trait.

All at Once allows you to mark targets and unleash a burst of ammo to hit all enemies that have been marked by unleashing a burst of bullets.


While many Strand weapons have been obtainable during the Lightfall campaign and Season of Defiance.

The Final Warning stands out as one of the Exotic Strand Weapons that you can use to quickly get rid of your enemies.

It looks like your hard efforts have paid off and now you have a new weapon to destroy enemies using the power of Strand.

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