How To Get Final Warning in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Final Warning Exotic Sidearm

“The flit of tiny wings; the pull of a trigger.”

The Final Warning is an Exotic Sidearm that deals Strand damage and has the unique ability to Unravel enemies hit by its special fire.

This sidearm can be essential when it is combined with the Strand subclass and offers several opportunities when it comes to clearing out enemies.

It has the unique ability to highlight enemies, which makes them more susceptible to suffering from your attacks.

How To Get Final Warning?

Final Warning is obtained as a reward for completing The Final Strand quest, which sends you out to Neomuna to face the Shadow Legion while being guided by Osiris.

You may obtain The Final Warning from The Pouka Pond but to start this exotic quest, you will first need to obtain all Strand upgrades with at least one class.

Final Warning Weapon Perks

1) Hammer-Forged Rifling (Barrel)

The Final Warning has a durable ranged barrel.

  • Increase Range

2) Flared Magwell (Magazine)

This weapon has been optimized for fast reloading.

  • Slightly increases stability
  • Greatly increases reload speed

3) Pick Your Poison (Trait)

  • Hipfiring causes projectiles to track marked targets, which deals increased body shot damage.
  • Aiming increases the velocity of projectiles and deals extra critical hit damage to marked targets.

4) Combat Grip (Grip)

The recoil of Final Warning is more vertical when fired.

  • Greatly controls recoil

Final Warning Intrinsic Traits

All At Once

Holding down the trigger will mark nearby targets within range and load multiple bullets into the Final Warning, which will fire in a burst.

The burst that is fired will have increased stability when the trigger is released and hitting marked targets with a fully charged burst will affect them with Unravel.

Final Warning Catalyst

It appears that right now the Final Warning does not have a catalyst slot, which means that it won’t have any upgrades unless changed in the future.


Final Warning is one of the many first Strand weapons that were introduced to Destiny 2 and immediately became a favorite of many players.

Its ability to force enemies to be affected by Unravel can set up opportunities for different Strand builds to easily kill them.

This is one sidearm that should not be judged by its size because what it hides within, is pure chaos for those who are in its sights.

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