Destiny 2 Any Data Port In A Storm Quest Steps

Any Data Port In A Storm Exotic Quest

Any Data Port In A Storm is an Exotic Quest for the acquisition of the Quicksilver Storm’s catalyst, which allows you to later improve the weapon.

To unlock the full potential of the Quicksilver Storm, data needs to be gathered by testing it out against enemies that you encounter.

While most would think this weapon is powerful as it already is, it looks like it is tied with Strand and can be insanely powerful.

How to Get Any Data Port In A Storm Quest?

You may start, Any Data Port In A Storm by interacting with the Holoprojector outside of the Hall of Heroes on Neomuna.

This becomes available once you have obtained the Quicksilver Storm and will appear as an Exotic Quest on your map.

This quest is also known by players simply as the Quicksilver Storm Catalyst Quest.

Any Data Port In A Storm Quest StepsAny Data Port In A Storm Exotic quest info

Step 1: Gain Data To Support The Nanite Calibration By Rapidly Defeating Combatants in Neomuna

To begin teaching the Quicksilver Storm’s nanites how to target, you will need to calibrate it by defeating enemies with the weapon.

You will need to defeat multiple enemies and obtain Calibration Data that they drop when you use Auto Rifles, Grenades, and any Grenade Launchers.

  • Collect Data (Reach 100% Progress)

Step 2: Go Visit Banshee-44 in the Tower

Banshee-44 is the ultimate weapons expert and will be able to determine if the Quicksilver Storm has been calibrated properly.

You will need to head to the Tower and speak with him so he can analyze the weapon to tell if it has made any progress.

  • Visit Banshee-44

Step 3: Defeat Combatants in Neomuna with the Grenade Launcher Alternate Fire Mode of the Quicksilver Storm

Now that you have mastered defeating enemies with the Quicksilver Storm, it’s time to calibrate its alternate firing mode.

You will need to defeat enemies to gain the Prepped Grenades buff (which shows how many grenades you can fire) and use them to defeat enemies.

To do this, you will need to use the weapon’s regular fire to prep grenades and switch to its alternate firing mode after launching them.

  • Defeat 50 Combatants

Any Data Port In A Storm Rewards

Completing, Any Data Port In A Storm Exotic Quest will reward you with the Quicksilver Storm’s catalyst, which improves the weapon.

The Quicksilver Storm’s Catalyst will imbue the weapon with Strand damage and cause its grenades to create Tangles.


It was uncertain by most what the capabilities of the Quicksilver Storm were but as time passed, the weapon began to show promise.

To make things even better, the Quicksilver Storm was a Strand weapon that was yet to reach its true potential.

Now that you have the catalyst for the Quicksilver Storm, it’s time for you to unlock it by defeating enemies so you can equip it.

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