What Does Woven Mail Do in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Woven Mail

When Destiny 2 Lightfall came out, it introduced a new subclass called Strand, which had many new features that helped players fight against the Shadow Legion and other enemies.

One of these features is Woven Mail, which is tied to the Strand subclass that provides Guardians with protection from damage for better survivability.

With the use of Woven Mail, Guardians can withstand more damage and can be more confident in facing tougher enemies or larger groups.

What is Woven Mail?

Woven Mail is a protective mesh woven from Strand matter that encases the Guardian, which reduces incoming non-precision damage that they take.

This means that any source of damage done to your character will be reduced by a certain amount as long as it is not precision damage.

Triggering Woven Mail during fights is a great way to ensure your survival and gives you a chance to survive tougher encounters with powerful enemies.

How to Use Woven Mail?Thread of Warding (Strand Fragment)

There are multiple ways for you to trigger Woven Mail but this depends on your character as well as what they may have equipped.

While there are several ways to trigger Woven Mail for the Hunter and Titan, the Warlock has only one method for activating it.

The following are the different ways for generating Woven Mail:

1) Hunters

2) Titans

  • Thread of Warding
  • Abeyant Leap

3) Warlocks

  • Thread of Warding

Thread of Warding

Thread of Warding allows you to generate Woven Mail once you pick up an orb of power and this needs to be equipped in your Strand subclass.

You will first need to unlock Thread of Warding from the Pouka Pond with the character that you want to equip it with.

To unlock Thread of Warding, you will need to first obtain Strand Meditations, which can be done in Neomuna.

Woven Mail Effects

Woven Mail will reduce the amount of damage that you receive as long as the damage source is not from a precision hit.

This damage reduction will stack with the tier of Resilience that your characters have, allowing you to create an incredibly tanky one or to make up for a lack of defense.

The effects of Woven Mail will last for 10 seconds but this can be refreshed whenever you trigger the buff again.


Woven Mail is a great addition to the Strand subclass since you can sometimes get pretty aggressive with the abilities that it has.

Going into battle with the assurance of more damage reduction can make fighting the enemies extremely fun at times.

All characters may benefit from Woven Mail, making it perfect for any build that requires a bit of extra durability.

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