Destiny 2 Armor Charge (How to Unlock & Mods)

Destiny 2 Armor Charge

Destiny 2 Lightfall introduced new features after removing old ones, such as the Charged with the Light system, which was replaced with Armor Charges.

Armor Charges provide players with a new way to empower themselves when in the heat of battle based on the mods that they have equipped.

Both Passive and Instant armor mods affect what will happen when the character has enough charges and once they are triggered.

How To Get Armor Charges?

Armor Charges will be obtained if you have a mod that allows you to gain them and by default, you will have a max stack of 3 charges.

The max stack of charges can be increased depending on what mods you have equipped, which allows you to use more charges when needed.

Different mods will have different effects whether passive or instant but they all simply require you to obtain an Orb of Power to get an Armor Charge.

How Do Armor Charges Work?

Armor Charges are stored for later use and can be consumed in order for a certain effect to occur depending on what mods you have equipped.

Some mods will provide a bonus to your character as long as you have Armor Charges but this will cause them to decay over time.

Without any Armor Charge mods, you will not be able to generate charges on your own and will be missing out on a lot of possibilities.

Armor Charge Mods

There are Armor Charge mods that provide passive buffs while others are activated instantly if you meet the conditions and have enough Armor Charges.

The following are mods that allow you to gain Armor Charges and their effects:


  • Radiant Light – Casting super causes nearby allies to increase their Armor Charges
  • Powerful Friends – Collecting Orb of Power causes nearby allies to increase their Armor Charges
  • Font of Wisdom – Gain bonus intellect while you have Armor Charges


  • Grenade Kickstart – Consumes Armor Charges to gain additional grenade energy
  • Font of Focus – Gain bonus discipline while you have Armor Charges
  • Melee Kickstart – Consumes Armor Charges to gain additional melee energy
  • Font of Vigor – Gain a bonus to strength while you have Armor Charges
  • Shield Break Charge – Breaking a combatant’s shield grants you an Armor Charge

Chest Armor

  • Emergency Reinforcement – Gain temporary damage reduction based on Armor Charges
  • Font of Endurance – Gain bonus to resilience while you have Armor Charges
  • Charged Up – Increases the maximum number of Armor Charges

Leg Armor

  • Stacks on Stacks – Picking up an Orb of Power grants you 1 additional stack of Armor Charges
  • Kinetic Weapon Surge – Kinetic weapons gain bonus damage
  • Arc Weapon Surge – Arc weapons gain bonus damage
  • Solar Weapon Surge – Solar weapons gain bonus damage
  • Stasis Weapon Surge – Statis weapons gain bonus damage
  • Strand Weapon Surge – Strand weapons gain bonus damage
  • Void Weapon Surge – Void weapons gain damage bonus
  • Font of Agility – Gain bonus mobility while you have Armor Charges

Class Item

  • Utility Kickstart – Gain class ability energy when it has been fully expended
  • Font of Restoration – Gain bonus recovery when you have Armor Charges
  • Time Dilation – Decaying Armor Charges last longer
  • Restorative Finisher – Gain energy for least-recharged ability when using a finisher
  • Special Finisher – Gain special ammo for the whole fireteam when using a finisher
  • One-Two Finisher – Gain melee energy when using a finisher
  • Bulwark Finisher – Overshield is granted for finisher final blows
  • Healthy Finisher – You are healed when using finishers
  • Snapload Finisher – All your weapons are reloaded when using finishers
  • Explosive Finisher – Finishers restore grenade abilities
  • Utility Finisher – Class abilities are restored when using finishers
  • Benevolent Finisher – Orbs of Power are spawned when using finisher on combatants
  • Empowered Finish – Gain 1 temporary Armor Charge when using a finisher

Armor Mod Color Meanings

1) Green Armor Mods

These Armor Mods have specific conditions that need to be met, which will later provide a stack of Armor Charges when you do them.

2) Yellow Armor Mods

Instant Armor Mods (Yellow) will consume one or three Armor Charges when a condition is met to provide a certain effect.

3) Blue Armor Mods

Passive Armor Mods (Blue) provide you with certain bonuses as long as you have Armor Charges but having these installed makes your charges have a 10-second decay timer.


Armor Charges can be very useful when you are fighting combatants and knowing how to trigger them will be a big help.

Creating builds will allow you to either consume Armor Charges when needed or make use of the passive depending on what you equip.

Several combinations of Armor Mods can be combined to make the perfect build to suit your playstyle that makes use of Armor Charges.

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