How To Get Cyrtarachne’s Facade in Destiny 2

Hunters rely a lot on their agility to get around and defeat enemies, which makes the right helmet perfect for boosting their capabilities.

The Cyrtarachne’s Facade is an Exotic Helmet for the Hunter class, which is tied to Woven Mail and improves their resistance to flinching.

This will give Hunters more mobility as enemies will have a harder time stopping them in their tracks and they can instantly activate Woven Mail by grappling.

Cyrtarachne’s Facade Exotic Helmet Destiny 2

How To Get Cyrtarachne’s Facade?

Cyrtarachne’s Facade can be obtained by purchasing it from Xur if he happens to be selling it in the future but this may take some time.

This can be obtained by doing Legendary Lost Sectors whenever they drop Exotic Helmets but there is a chance to get others as well.

You can obtain this by completing all of the Lightfall missions, where you may pick it from a selection of rewards from Nimbus.

Cyrtarachne’s Facade Armor Perks

Acrobat’s Focus

This perk allows you to gain Woven Mail whenever you are using the Grapple ability, allowing you to activate it instantly when you want to.

Woven Mail will provide you with damage reduction for a short duration, which is great for staying alive during fights.

Aside from activating Woven Mail when you cast your grapple ability, you also gain flinch resistance to keep you mobile even when hit.


The Hunter on their own is quite formidable but with the addition of Cyrtarachne’s Facade, their survivability is greatly increased.

This of course is best used with the Strand subclass as you will need to have grapple as your active grenade ability.

Not only will you be more durable in battle, but you will be seemingly unstoppable by enemy fire thanks to Acrobat’s Focus.

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