How To Get Abeyant Leap in Destiny 2

Titans can now be even more aggressive thanks to the Abeyant Leap Exotic Leg Armor, which provides them with more ways to damage and disable enemies.

This Exotic Leg Armor came out when Lightfall was released and compliments the Strand subclass, improving the Dreng’s Lash ability.

For those who love to charge into battle and create an opening for their allies, Abeyant Leap is a good choice for Strand users.

Destiny 2 Abeyant Leap Exotic Leg Armor

How To Get Abeyant Leap Leg Armor?

The Abeyant Leap Exotic Leg Armor can be obtained by completing all of the Lightfall missions on Legendary difficulty or higher.

After all the Lightfall missions have been completed on a higher difficulty, you can visit Nimbus to choose Abeyant Leap amongst other rewards.

You may also get this as a random drop when fighting enemies but the chances of it being any exotic item are most likely.

Armor Perks

Puppeteer’s Control

The Puppeteer’s Control armor perk alters Drengr’s Lash to spawn two additional projectiles that seek targets out more efficiently.

Puppeteer’s Control increases the distance of the Drengr’s Lash ability to easily hit enemies from further away to set them up to be defeated easily.

Another benefit of Puppeteer’s Control is that you will gain Woven Mail whenever you suspend enemies.


Abeyant Leap makes Titans more fearsome and trades defense for more offense, which is a good way of getting into the battle as well as supporting your team.

Woven Mail is a big help for Titans and compliments their sturdiness and triggering it has become easier thanks to the Puppeteer’s Control perk.

Not only can you initiate fights, but you can also alter the outcome with a single cast of your ability thanks to how it can disable multiple targets.

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