How To Get Necrotic Grip in Destiny 2

Nothing beats killing your enemies with deadly poison, which is what the Necrotic Grip allows you to do once you equip them.

These poisonous Exotic Gauntlets are one of the choices that Warlocks have as an exotic piece of armor that helps them deal additional damage to enemies.

What makes these useful is that the damage they help you do can stack with other damage sources, making it easier to melt your enemies.

Destiny 2 Necrotic Grip Gauntlets

How To Get Necrotic Grip? (Gauntlets)

While it is possible to obtain Necrotic Grip by defeating enemies, the chance is very low but there are still other ways to obtain it.

If you check the Legend and Master Lost Sectors for what is dropped, you might want to take your shot at them when they drop Arm Armor as this can give you a good chance.

There is a chance that Necrotic Grips may be sold by Xur at some time but this may take a while if its rotation has just passed.

Armor Perks

Grasp of the Devourer

Necrotic Grip’s perk is called Grasps of the Devourer, which causes enemies to become poisoned whenever you deal damage to them.

A poisoned enemy will continuously take damage over time and will spread the condition if it is defeated while it suffers from the effect.

This can be used alongside other sources of damage, especially damage over time ones to deal extra damage to your enemies.

Aside from its passive poison damage, Grasp of the Devourer also provides a moderate benefit to the airborne effectiveness stat of all types of Weapons of Sorrow.


While a lot of players have been waiting for a poison-type subclass, the Necrotic Grip is one of the closest things you can get to it.

Using this along with other abilities or weapons such as the Osteo Striga allows you to make good use of Grasp of the Devourer.

Now you can run and gun enemies, dealing damage to them as you reposition yourself to easily kill groups of enemies.

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