How To Get Swarmers in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Swarmers

“Beware the promise of a wanderer.”

The Swarmers Leg Armor is an Exotic Leg Armor that is available for the Warlock Class in Destiny 2, which came out during the release of Lightfall.

This Leg Armor is tied closely to the Strand subclass, which was also released during Lightfall and meant to be used by Warlocks focusing on the said subclass.

While Threadlings on their own are capable of hurting enemies, the Swarmer variant of them allows them to cause even more mayhem.

How To Get Swarmers? (Exotic Leg Armor)

There are two ways in Destiny 2 that allow you to obtain the Swarmers Leg Armor, which is either by looting them from enemies or by completing Lightfall on Legend difficulty.

If you are lucky enough and play the game often, you may eventually obtain Swarmers as a drop from enemies that you defeat.

A more reliable way to get Swarmers Leg Armor is by redoing the Lightfall quest on Legendary as you will later be able to choose this as a reward from Nimbus.

Armor Perks


This armor perk causes Tangle that you destroy to spawn Threadlings, which seek out enemies and attack them.

When your Threadlings attack a target, they will cause them to be affected by Unravel, which causes them to create a Tangle.

This allows you to continuously spawn Threadlings as long as Tangles are created through the process with the Swarmers.


Imagine what it would be like to start your own Strand infestation by simply destroying one Tangle and causing a chain reaction, that’s what the Swarmers do.

When you are out fighting enemies, this boosts your offense in many ways since the Swarmer Threadlings will be fighting alongside you.

Alongside the damage they do, the explosions from several Tangle will make it easy to clear out enemies that are closely grouped.

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