How To Get Torturous Dance Emote in Destiny 2

Torturous Dance Emote Destiny 2

You may have noticed some players doing funny emotes whenever you are in a city or during a mission, but there is more to it than just emotes done by oneself.

The Torturous Dance is one of the Multiplayer Emotes that players can do, which others can join in on to add more to the fun.

This emote is a dance that has some pretty funny movements and other players can join in along with the initiator to do the same moves alongside them.

What is the Torturous Dance Emote?

The Torturous Dance Emote is one of the many types of emotes in Destiny 2 that players can do when they feel like expressing themselves.

This one has been quite popular for some time during Season of Defiance as it was released only during that time.

Once a player equips the Torturous Dance, they can do the emote wherever they like to start a dance session that others can join in on.

How To Get Torturous Dance Emote?

The Tortuous Dance can be one of the emotes which can be purchased during the Season of Defiance and can be found in the Eververse Store.

Players will need to spend premium currency known as Silver in Destiny 2, which will cost 800 to buy the Tortuous Dance Emote.

If you are short on Silver, you can always get 1000 Silver at the cost of $10 if you have the extra cash on hand to buy the premium currency.

How To Use Torturous Dance Emote?

The Tortuous Dance can be used just like any other emote and will require one of your Emote Slots to be equipped.

To equip this emote, you will need to head over to your inventory and swap the menu to appearances, where you can find the emote wheel.

You will place Torturous Dance in one of the slots and will afterward be able to use it whenever you press the bound key for the emote slot.


Emotes on their own is a pretty funny way to express themselves during any part of the game, and some of them look pretty cool.

The Torturous Dance may resemble some real-life dances that you already know and have some quite catchy steps.

Best of all, being that the Torturous Dance is a Multiplayer Dance, others can join in on the fun and you can have a full team dancing together for giggles.

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