Destiny 2 Shoot To Score Quest Steps (2023)

Shoot To Score is a quest that you receive during the Guardian Games 2023 Event, which focuses on you working together with other Guardians to get high scores.

This quest sets your goals to reach higher scores to light torches that will show your current place during the event.

During the Guardian Games event, you will need to place yourself in the Platinum Threshold to complete the quest.

Commander Zavala advises Guardians on all Vanguard-related activities

How To Get Shoot To Score Quest?

Shoot To Score can be obtained from Commander Zavala during the Best in Class quest, which requires you to accept the quest from him to complete it.

The Best in Class quest is given by Eva Levante during the Guardian Games Event, which acts as a tutorial and later introduces you to the Guardian Games activities.

Shoot To Score Quest StepsD2 Shoot To Score Seasonal Quest Info

Each of the quest steps requires you to reach a certain threshold, which in turn will light up a torch that you can collect rewards from.

Step 1: Achieve Bronze Score

For the first quest step, you will need to reach at least 50,000 points to obtain the Gold Score and this will light the torch on the bronze platform.

  • Reach Bronze Score (50,000)

Step 2: Achieve Silver Score

Achieving a total of 100,000 or more for your score will set you into Silver, which will light up another torch next to the bronze platform.

  • Reach Silver Score (100,000)

Step 3: Achieve Gold Score

Progressing to have a score of 150,000 will place you into gold, which once again will light up another torch that is behind the silver platform.

  • Reach Gold Score (150,000)

Step 4: Achieve Platinum Score

Reaching a score of 175,000 will place you in Platinum, which is the highest threshold and this will unlock the last torch.

  • Reach Platinum Score (175,000)

Step 5: End of 1st Week

Once you have reached the Platinum Threshold, you will need to wait for the second week to find out what the activity will be before you can start lighting the torches up again.

Don’t forget to claim the rewards for each torch that has been lit up to get your rewards for reaching each of the thresholds.

Step 6: Achieve Bronze Score

Starting in Week 2 of the Guardian Games 2023 Shoot to Score quest, you will need to reach a score of 50,000 by participating in the Guardian Games Competitive Playlist.

  • Reach Bronze Score (50,000)

Step 7: Achieve Silver Score

Once you have already reached the Bronze Score, your next target is to go for silver, which requires you to get 100,000.

  • Reach Silver Score (100,000)

Step 8: Achieve Gold Score

After successfully surpassing the Silver Score, your next target is to get a Gold Score, which requires you hit 150,000 in the Guardian Games Competitive Playlist.

  • Reach Gold Score (150,000)

Step 9: Achieve Platinum Score

As you near the highest tier when it comes to the Competitive Playlist score, you will now need to get to Platinum and this requires you to get a score of 175,000.

  • Reach Platinum Score (175,000)

Step 10: End of 2nd Week

Now that you have conquered your enemies in the second week of the Guardian Games, it’s time to claim your rewards at The Tower.

You can claim more rewards by heading to the torches and interacting with them at The Tower to get rewards and will now need to wait for the third week.

Shoot To Score Quest Rewards

During this quest, you will be able to receive rewards for each of the thresholds that you reach and these can all be obtained by heading to the torches to collect them.

Rewards for this week include:

SummaryShoot To Score Quest completed

There will be different activities every week that require you to participate, if you want to reach certain thresholds.

Depending on the week, you will be placed on a different mission where you need to fight alongside your fire team to accumulate points.

At the end of each week, you will be able to receive different rewards and show how much you have progressed with the symbols on your Class Item.

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