Destiny 2 Guardian Games 2023 Class Items

The Guardian Games 2023 has already been set in motion and the different classes are now competing to become first on the leaderboard.

One of the most important things to have during this event is your Class Item because this plays a big part in obtaining medallions.

Your Class Item will be provided when you start the event and if you accidentally lose it, you can always get one back later on.

Destiny 2 Phoenix's Ascent Bond (Warlock Bond)

How To Get Class Item?

You get your Class Item when you begin the Best in Class quest, which is available from Eva Levante during the Guardian Games Event.

This will later allow you to earn medallions for doing certain activities, which can later be used to earn class points by depositing them on the podium.

If they are accidentally discarded, you can always get a new one from Eva Levante at a cheap price but will have to upgrade it again.

Upgrading Class Item

Just like any piece of gear, your Class Item can be upgraded and if you want to make the most out of the equipment during the event, it would be best to upgrade it.

You can increase its power level by dismantling other equipment that falls under the Class Item to help improve your stats.

Aside from increasing its power level, you can also upgrade it to give you more capacity for your mods, which you will likely want to have during the event.

All Class Items

1) Phoenix Ascendant Bond (Warlock)

The Phoenix Ascendant Bond is the Class Item used by Warlocks and takes up the Warlock Bond slot, allowing them to wear the symbol of a phoenix on their arm.

2) Serpent’s Glory Mantle (Hunter)

The Serpent’s Glory Mantle is the Class Item worn by Hunters, which takes up their Hunter Mantle slot, giving the pride of wearing a symbol of the serpent on their back.

3) Lion’s Reign Mark (Titan)

The Lion’s Reign Mark is a Class Item worn by Titans that has the symbol of a lion, which is worn around their waist to show their class pride.


All of the Class Items work in the same way, displaying one’s loyalty to their class as well as allowing Guardians to earn additional medallions.

These can be replaced if they are lost and can be obtained by Eva Levante if you have the right class equipped to purchase a specific Class Item.

When you no longer need to use your Class Item such as at the end of the Guardian Games 2023, you can store it in your vault whenever you need it again.

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