Destiny 2 Iron Banner (How to Unlock, Challenges & Rewards)

Destiny 2 does not only stop with PVE and a bit of PVP action, things can get insanely intense when it comes to the Iron Banner, an event that opens during seasons.

Destiny 2 Lord Saladin Iron Banner

Iron Banner is a type of Crucible match that puts Guardians to the test, unleashing the full capabilities of their builds with no adjustments.

This is where players can enjoy the endgame PVP action and later on prove themselves worthy of being called the best of the best.

How To Unlock Iron Banner?

To unlock the Iron Banner, you will first need to speak with Lord Saladin and accept the quest that he offers, which is the Forging Iron quest in Lightfall.

After accepting Forging Iron, you will be able to participate in Iron Banner matching, even without completing the quest.

You will, however, be able to complete it as you continue playing Iron Banner matches but you should be ready for the challenges that await you.

Iron Banner Challenges

Just like with other activities, Iron Banner also offers challenges to players who would like to upgrade their gear with a good shot at Pinnacle Gear drops.

These can be obtained once the Iron Banner Challenges have been completed, which require you to play the activity.

Unlike Crucible alone, which provides a weekly challenge to get Pinnacle Gear, Iron Banner counts as a Crucible match and also has a challenge for players.

List of Iron Banner ChallengesThe Crucible

The following are the known challenges for Iron Banner that can be done weekly to gain rewards, which include Pinnacle Gear

1) Complete Iron Banner Matches as Either Strand, Solar, or Void Subclasses

This weekly challenge (1 out of 4) requires that you complete 3 matches using one of the classes that have been listed down to get Pinnacle Gear and Iron Banner Rank Boost.

2) Complete Matches in Any Crucible Playlist (Crucible Weekly)

This is the standard weekly challenge for any Crucible match, which includes Iron Banner and can be completed after participating in 3 matches, which reward you with Pinnacle Gear.

Iron Banner RewardsPowerful Gear Engram

Just like with regular seasonal activities, Iron Banner allows you to get rewards that can help you increase your Power Level.

These come in the form of Powerful Gear engrams as well as Iron Banner weapon drops that can be obtained from Lord Saladin when you rank up.

You can also focus gear once you have Iron Engrams, Legendary Shards, and Glimmer and choose from a list of available weapons and armor.


Iron Banner is a great way for players to put their builds to the test and see who comes out victorious in guardian vs guardian matches.

The gear that you can get can be rewarding, especially if you want to push your way to the Power Level cap to prepare for the next season.

It’s best to make sure that you are ready because those who are not well-equipped will have a hard time keeping up against fully decked-out guardians.

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