RE4 Remake Chicken Eggs Farming Guide

If you have been playing Resident Evil 4 Remake for quite some time, you may have noticed that the chicken eggs may have some value.

Aside from being recovery items, the different chicken eggs in the game can be sold to the merchant to make a good amount of Pesetas.

If you want to grab a lot of chicken eggs, there are certain techniques you can resort to when it comes to farming them.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Chicken Egg Farming

How To Get Chicken Eggs?

There are two ways to get chicken eggs, which are looting them from various fixed locations or waiting for a chicken to lay one and grab it.

Chickens will tend to drop eggs from time to time and this allows you to farm them if you stay near them and wait for this to happen.

It is best that you keep your distance from the chickens though as they may get spooked and run away, which seems to delay the egg-laying process.

Are Chicken Eggs Unlimited?

It appears that chickens have a limit to laying eggs and once they lay their first one, it looks like none come after unless you enter another chapter.

Some may have claimed that exiting and reentering the area will reset the chicken egg laying but this does not appear to work.

Resident Evil 4 Remake has tackled a lot of exploits such as egg farming, which makes it not worth the trouble to do anymore.

Types of Chicken Eggs

1) Chicken Egg

Regular Chicken Eggs are the basic eggs that drop from most chickens and it seems that the white ones usually drop these.

White Chicken Eggs can be used to heal a small amount of health or can be sold to The Merchant for a bit of Pesetas.

2) Brown Chicken Egg

The Brown Chicken Egg is more valuable than the white Chicken Egg and these tend to come mostly from brown chickens.

Just like white Chicken Eggs, the brown ones can be used to heal you and will give you a bit more health while also selling for a bit more Pesetas.

3) Gold Chicken Egg

The Gold Chicken Egg is the rarest of them all and you usually find this in specific areas such as the Chicken Farm across the lake or in the Throne Room.

These will heal you to full health or can be sold to The Merchant for a lot of Pesetas but these are the rarest to come by.

Best Place To Get Eggs

There are two main places when it comes to getting eggs and these are the Chicken Farm that players call it, which can be found straight across the Lake in a small gap.

You can find several chickens here and some eggs will already be present for you to pick up before the other chickens lay more eggs.

The Village Square is a great place to get around 5 eggs as several chickens roam in the area, just be sure not to kill them though.


Farming chicken eggs in Resident Evil 4 Remake is not the best way to get Pesetas nor do they heal a substantial amount of health.

These are usually just backup sources for healing and any excess ones you have can always be sold for a drip of Pesetas.

It is not worth it to wait forever for chickens to repeatedly hatch eggs since you can always get treasure to sell for Pesetas later on.

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