Destiny 2 Defiant Battleground Orbital Prison Walkthrough

Defiant Battleground: Orbital Prison mission

  • Mission Type: Season of Defiance
  • Mission Location: The Farm, Orbital Prison, EDZ

The Shadow Legion have taken prisoners but this batch isn’t on any planet but rather in an orbital prison which you need to access near The Farm.

You will need to find a way to get into the orbital prison and secure the prisoners that are being held captive before anything goes wrong.

The path may be a bit hard to get through but you will need to traverse open areas and fight a powerful boss to free the prisoners.

How To Get Defiant Battleground Orbital Prison?

Defiant Battleground Orbital Prison is the third mission amongst the activities that were introduced during Season of Defiance.

This mission may be started at the EDZ destination or may be a randomly selected one from the Defiant Battleground Playlist.

Defiant Battleground Orbital Prison Mission ObjectivesOpen the Portal by interacting with it

1) Open the Portal

You will be starting out at The Farm and a nearby portal will be waiting to be opened, which you will need to interact with.

2) Traverse the Ascendant Plane

The portal will take you to the Ascendant Plane and you will need to jump your way towards the waypoint where there are several Blights.

3) Provoke the Taken

Once you reach the area, Taken enemies will appear and you will need to ignite a nearby Balefire to force more to come out. (Balefire marked by waypoint)

defeat the taken to collect their Consecrated Essence

4) Banish Powerful Taken

You will need to continue fighting the Taken until powerful variants appear, which you will need to defeat to collect their Consecrated Essence.

5) Destroy the Blights

Once you pick up a Consecrated Essence, you will need to toss it at a Blight, which will deal damage and destroy it.

It will take only one Consecrated Essence to destroy a Blight and you will need to destroy all 9 of them in the area.

These two objectives will repeat until no Blights remain in the area and if you miss a shot, a powerful enemy will respawn which you can defeat to get Essence Blight.

6) Traverse the Ascendant Plane

After destroying the Blight, continue traversing the Ascendant Plane by heading to the nearby lift marked by a waypoint.

The lift will bring you orbit, where you will need to continue making your way by jumping across debris and damaged ships.

Make your way around the orbital prison and you will reach a platform where you can enter the Orbital Prison Ship.

7) Search for the Captives

Continue making your way into the ship and you will find yourself within a large room where a terminal needs to be hacked.

Shipwide Lockdown Activated

8) Shipwide Lockdown Activated

The ship will be on lockdown and you will need to access the terminal nearby to allow Ghost to hack it before you can proceed.

9) Defend Ghost

You will need to fight back the Shadow Legion as they continue to appear in the area until Ghost has finished hacking the terminal.

Later, Orbital Security enemies can be defeated to obtain their codes which will allow you to speed up the hacking process.

10) Locate the Captives

After Ghost has finished hacking the terminal, you will need to proceed with making your way towards the waypoint while fighting through more Shadow Legion forces.

The next area will be a hangar where you will fight Bracus Kravaum, who has Thresher ships and Shadow Legion forces along with the Taken at his side.

Engage Bracus Kravaum, Shadow Legion

11) Engage Bracus Kravaum, Shadow Legion

Bracus Kravaum will arrive as soon as you are in the area and will appear right above the prisoners, attacking you once you are in sight.

At this point you may damage him enough to deplete one of his health bars but he becomes invulnerable after he gains a shield.

12) Ignite the Balefire

A Balefire will be nearby and you will need to ignite it to provide you and your team with a safeguard location from the area damage.

13) Consecrate Taken Essence

Taken forces will begin to appear and you will need to fight them until Ravenous Taken Knights appear, who will drop Taken Essence.

Once you pick up a Taken Essence, you will need to bring it to the Balefire and interact with it to turn it to Consecrated Essence.

The Consecrated Essence will be held by your character and needs to be thrown at Bracus Kravaum to damage his shield to make him vulnerable.

This needs to be done twice during the fight in order to defeat Bracus Kravaum and once he is defeated, you can release the prisoners.

14) Rescue the Captives

Head over to the holding cell and interact with it to release the prisoners, and the mission will be complete.

Defiant Battleground Orbital Prison Rewards

Completing Defiant Battleground Orbital Prison will reward you with Glimmer, legendary gear after you free the prisoners.

If you are playing the mission from the destinations menu, you may have a chance to get a Defiant Key but no chest will appear.

Should you be playing from the Defiant Battleground Playlist, a chest will be available at the end that requires a Defiant Key.

SummaryDefiant Battleground: Orbital Prison complete

The captives aboard the Orbital Prison were lucky that you arrived and now more people have been freed from the Shadow Legion.

Bracus Kravaum is just one of the many wardens that has been keeping prisoners and no one knows how many need to be rescued.

Thanks to your help, more lives have been secured but the fight still continues against the Shadow Legion and their allies.

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