Destiny 2 Defiant Battleground Cosmodrome Walkthrough

Defiant Battleground: Cosmodrome Mission

  • Mission Type: Season of Defiance
  • Mission Location: Dry Sea, Cosmodrome

The Lightfall campaign left a lot in disarray and in the aftermath, the Shadow Legion started taking prisoners and keeping them within a pyramid.

Your task is to locate the pyramid and infiltrate it to free the prisoners, or what is left of them if there is still time.

Rescuing the prisoners will be no easy task as the warden there has powerful Psions who can toy with you during the fight.

How To Get Defiant Battleground Cosmodrome?

Defiant Battleground Cosmodrome mission is one of the activities that became available during Season of Defiance and is still playable.

You can start this mission by heading over to your destination’s menu and checking the Cosmodrome or by starting it via the Defiant Battleground Playlist in the H.E.L.M.

Defiant Battleground Cosmodrome Mission Objectivesheading towards the waypoint by fighting with the Shadow Legions who is guarding the dry sea

1) Scout the Perimeter

You will be deployed around the Dry Sea in the Cosmodrome and will need to make your way past some of the Shadow Legion enemies guarding the area.

Fight your way through the Shadow Legion and head towards the waypoint, which will point you to a portal to the Ascendant Plane.

2) Open Portal

Once you reach the waypoint, interact with the marked location to open up a portal and step inside to go into the Ascendant Plane.

Traverse the Ascendant Plane

3) Traverse the Ascendant Plane

You will find yourself on what appears to be a broken bridge and destroyed ships, which requires you to head towards the next waypoint.

4) Banish Powerful Taken

There will be Taken enemies spawning in the area and you will need to clear them out until Powerful Taken will appear.

You will need to defeat them to collect Taken Essence which will allow you to remove one of the large Blights blocking the way.

Continue defeating more of the Taken in the next area before you can proceed and make sure to collect the Taken Essence to clear the path.

You will then find yourself outside of the pyramid but Taken enemies will begin to appear and you will have to clear them out.

Fighting mini-boss known as Guul’Moh to get Taken Essence

Once most of the enemies have been cleared out a mini-boss known as Guul’Moh will appear and you will have to defeat it.

After defeating Guul’Moh, a Taken Essence will be dropped and you will need to pick it up and light the Balefire nearby to remove a nearby large Blight.

5) Breach the Pyramid Outpost

When the path is open, continue making your way inside the pyramid and eventually, you will reach a large room where you are ambushed.

6) Survive the Ambush

The ambush will begin with Shadow Legion enemies spawning in the area and there will also be Scorpius turrets that need to be cleared out.

Following the Shadow Legion, there will be Taken enemies as well and you will need to fight all of them back until the boss arrives.

Zattoc, Devoted to the Witness will appear but before you can fight him, you are teleported out by one of his Psions and will be back to the Ascendant Plane.

crossing over the floating debris to enter back into the pyramid

7) Re-enter the Pyramid Outpost

Once you are back in the Ascendant Plane, you will need to cross over the floating debris and make your way back to the pyramid.

You can ignore the enemies at this point just run and jump your way past them to enter the pyramid, which brings you to the final boss fighting area.

8) Banish the Shadow Legion

Reaching the next area will bring you to a large hall with Shadow Legion enemies scattered around and you will need to defeat them.

Fighting with the Shadow Legion, Zotocc and taken enemies

9) Engage Zatocc, Devoted to the Witness

The moment you start to fight the Shadow Legion, Zotocc will arrive and join the fight and he will be accompanied by Taken forces.

You will be able to damage him at first until his first health bar is depleted but he will become invulnerable afterward.

10) Ignite the Balefire

There will be a nearby location where you can interact to ignite the Balefire, which gives you an area to stay in to keep safe from the damage from the area around you.

11) Consecrate Taken Essences

There will be a nearby location where you can interact to ignite the Balefire, which gives you an area to stay in to keep safe from the damage from the area around you.

Stay within the Balefire while fighting the enemies until the Ravenous Taken enemies appear to defeat them to get their Taken Essence.

Once you have 2 Taken Essence, head back to the Balefire and interact to consecrate them, which gives you an orb that you will need to throw at Zatocc to make him vulnerable.

Reenter the Pyramid Outpost

12) Re-enter the Pyramid Outpost

Once Zatocc is at his last health bar, he will teleport you back to the Ascendant Plane and you will need to make your way back to the pyramid.

You will need to cross over the debris and activate a nearby portal, which you will take to be brought back to Zatocc.

13) Ignite the Balefire

Once again you will need to ignite a Balefire, which will be nearby where you teleported in and enemies will begin to appear.

14) Consecrate Taken Essences

You will need to consecrate Taken Essences again by defeating the Ravenous Taken that appear and taking their essence.

Use the Taken Essences to make Zatocc vulnerable and you will be able to finally defeat him, which allows you to proceed to the area where the prisoners are being held.

Approach the prisoners and interact with the holding chamber to release them and the mission will be complete.

Defiant Battleground Cosmodrome Rewards

You will receive Glimmer and some legendary gear for completing Defiant Battleground Cosmodrome and other rewards depending on how you started the mission.

If you have started the mission from the EDZ destination, you have a chance to obtain a Defiant Key.

Completing Defiant Battlegrounds COSMODROME has a chance to reward you with Glimmer, legendary gear, and additional rewards if you open a Defiant Battleground Chest at the end.

Defiant Battleground Chests will appear at the end of Defiant Battlegrounds Playlist activities if started from the H.E.L.M.

SummaryDefiant Battleground: Cosmodrome Mission Complete

Zatocc and his lackeys may have put up quite a challenge, especially with them teleporting you out of the pyramid but you persevered.

You were successful in infiltrating the pyramid despite the efforts of the Shadow Legion and the Witness’ Taken forces that joined up against you.

Another warden has been defeated and more prisoners have been freed thanks to your efforts but there are a lot more who remain captured and need your help.

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