Destiny 2 What Remains Mission Walkthrough

Destiny 2 What Remains mission

  • Mission Type: Lightfall (Unfinished Business Exotic Quest)
  • Mission Location: Boundless Horizon, Black Garden

Following in Rohan’s footsteps, Nimbus has decided to find what Rohan had been searching for, which has led to the Black Garden.

You have been tasked with entering the Black Garden and confronting The Conceptual Mind to obtain its memory core.

While things may appear to be going smoothly, it looks like a few surprises await as you search the Black Garden for the memory core.

How To Get What Remains Mission?

What Remains becomes available during the Unfinished Business Exotic Quest, which is required to be completed during quest step 11.

The What Remains mission can be found in Ahimsa Park and may be found easily by following the waypoint when tracking the quest.

What Remains Mission ObjectivesAn area that is sealed off at the Black Garden

1) Find the Conceptual Mind

Once you have entered the Black Garden, you will need to follow the waypoint until you find an area that is sealed off.

There will be Vex Shields blocking the area that prevents you from progressing further and Vex enemies will begin to appear.

destroying the three points to take down the Vex shields

2) Knock Out Vex Shields

There will be three points that you need to destroy to take down the Vex shields and these can all be reached in the area.

Vex will be present in the area attacking you as you try to destroy all 3 of the targets to take down the shields.

3) Find the Conceptual Mind

You will need to continue following the waypoint but to reach the area it is pointing to, you will need to go to the ledge and follow it.

The ledge can be found just beyond where you took out the shields and you can reach it by going around or jumping to it.

You will reach a tunnel that Nimbus will have already gotten through, which requires you to pursue him as you fight through Vex enemies.

defeating a glowing Minotaur to get an Arc Cranium

4) Pass Security Protocol

Vex will begin to attack you through the tunnel and you will need to push forward and fight your way past them until you reach an area with barriers.

You will need to defeat a glowing Minotaur that will drop an Arc Cranium, which you will need to use to destroy a nearby barrier.

There will be a shield blocking your target and you will need to shoot a mirror-like object to bounce the Arc Cranium’s beam to hit it.

Continue making your way toward the waypoint and you will reach a Vex structure, where you must interact with it to recover a data packet.

To your left and right, there will be more barriers and you will need to destroy the targets that are marked by bouncing an Arc Cranium’s beam.

The Arc Cranium will drop from another Minotaur if you run out of ammo and afterward, the barrier between the ones on your left and right will open up.

5) Clear Combatant Forces

The next area will be filled with Taken and Vex, who are now fighting each other and you will need to fight your way past them.

You will need to reach the last target that needs to be destroyed but first will have to clear out the remaining enemies in the area.

6) Pursue Nimbus

After clearing out the enemies, continue making your way toward the waypoint as you follow where Nimbus has passed.

A nearby portal will close and you will have to take the path to the right, which requires you to jump from platform to platform.

7) Destroy the Taken Blight

The next area will have Taken Blights around it and you will need to destroy all 3 to proceed with the mission.

To destroy the Taken Blights, you will have to jump to them and enter their radius to shoot the core for each of them.

8) Pursue Nimbus

Once the Taken Blights have been destroyed, make your way toward the nearby portal and go through it to reach another location.

You will need to follow the waypoint and make your way to the top where Nimbus can later be found in front of Rohan’s Machine Gun.

Speaking to Nimbus at the Black Garden

9) Speak to Nimbus

Nimbus will start talking once you are near him and you will have to wait for his dialogue to end before you can continue.

Once Nimbus has finished speaking, you will obtain the Deterministic Chaos Exotic Machine Gun and will be able to proceed.

10) Reach the Conceptual Mind

Now that you have the Deterministic Chaos, you will need to proceed toward the waypoint and follow it until you reach the Conceptual Mind.

Taken enemies will be in the area and you will need to fight your way past them later on more Vex will be positioned along the way.

Continue fighting your way through until you come across a barrier and this time there will be more targets behind shields.

You will need to use the Deterministic Chaos to bounce its shots off of the mirror and a wall to hit the targets.

Defeating the Conceptual Mind in an open area

11) Defeat the Conceptual Mind

You will eventually arrive in an open area where the Conceptual Mind will be and it will start to attack you while also being accompanied by Vex enemies.

The Conceptual Mind can be damaged and will retreat once you have depleted one of its health bars, forcing it to hide behind another barrier.

Use the Deterministic Chaos to remove the barrier and you will be able to damage the Conceptual Mind afterward.

After depleting another health bar, the Conceptual Mind will retreat again and you will need to make your way across platforms to reach it.

Once you reach the Conceptual Mind, you will need to take down another barrier with the Deterministic Chaos.

After the barrier has been taken down, you will now be able to defeat the Conceptual Mind, which later ends the mission.

What Remains Rewards

After you have completed the What Remains mission, you will be able to keep the Deterministic Chaos Machine Gun.

Completing this mission will also allow you to progress to Step 12 of the Unfinished Business Exotic Quest.

SummaryWhat Remains mission completed

It appears that Rohan was right about the Vex being in the Black Garden and the memory core may have been used for later on.

Nimbus has gone back to Neomuna and you have successfully obtained the memory core as well as Rohan’s Machine Gun.

Now with the memory core in your hands, it’s time to head back to Nimbus but no matter how difficult the task may have been, you now have a nice new Exotic Machine Gun.

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