Destiny 2: Daily & Weekly Resets

Destiny Resets & Rotations

Destiny 2 has a lot of activities that players can delve into and some of these may be available either early on as they start playing or later on when they have advanced to a stronger Power Level.

Depending on what areas the players have unlocked, there will be a multitude of activities that they can participate in, such as Ascendant Challenges, Raids, Lost Sector Challenges, and many more.

There are also certain time-based events that players will need to key an eye out for like the Trials of Osiris or when Xur, Agent of the Nine makes an appearance, selling Exotics.

A lot of people wonder when does destiny 2 weekly resets occur, but it is quite simple and easy to remember, which also comes in hander when chasing after endgame progress.

Destiny 2 Reset Time 2022

There are two kinds of resets in Destiny 2, these are the Destiny 2 Daily Resets and the Destiny 2 Weekly resets, both affecting specific activities.

The following are the given Destiny 2 Reset time schedules that are implemented in Destiny 2 and as of now remain continuous.

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Destiny 2 Daily Reset

The daily reset time in destiny two occurs at 10 am PST and affects activities such as the Altar of Sorrows, Legend Lost Sector, and Master Lost Sector rotations.

These run on a timer and will be reset and changed the next day at the specific given time, changing the challenge and mixing up things for players to try something new.

Destiny 2 Weekly Reset

Just like the daily resets, the weekly rest will happen at 10 am PST but often affect more events than the daily resets.

These events may include Ascendant Challenges, Xur Location, Nightfall, Raids, Dungeons, and more that players seek out as endgame content.

When Does Destiny 2 Weekly Reset Happen?

Destiny 2 Weekly resets happen every 10 am PST on Tuesdays and will affect all of the weekly activities under them.

Players who are currently in an activity will be able to complete them but once finished, the next weekly activity will be marked.

What Time Does Destiny 2 Reset Occur?

The Destiny 2 weekly reset time may vary from country to country, each of the time zones will be different but are all fixed on a single instance.

The Following are the time and time zones shared when it comes to Destiny 2 reset time:


Pacific Standard Time10:00 AM
ESTEastern Time

1:00 PM


Greenwich Mean Time5:00 PM
MSTMountain Daylight Time

11:00 AM

How Long Does Destiny 2 Weekly Reset Take?

The resets in Destiny 2 occur instantaneously and will take effect as soon as the timer hits the reset time, altering the ingame events and challenges accordingly.

What is Affected by Daily and Weekly Resets?

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