How To Get Cenotaph Mask in Destiny 2 (Exotic Warlock Helmet)

If you are a fan of Trace rifles, you are going to love the Cenotaph Mask as this helmet for Warlocks focuses on such weapons.

With the release of Season of the Deep, Warlocks gained a new obtainable Exotic Helmet called the Cenotaph Mask.

The Cenotaph Mask allows Guardians to continuously fire their Trace Rifles for a longer duration, which is due to its High Priority armor perk.

Cenotaph Mask Exotic Warlock Helmet in Destiny 2

“You carry the names of the dead.”

How To Get Cenotaph Mask Helmet?

The Cenotaph Mask is a possible drop for those who complete Legend or Master Lost Sectors while playing solo only.

You can check the current Legend or Master Lost Sectors by viewing them on your destinations menu, which shows which one is altered for the day.

Be sure to check each destination as the rotations will change daily and you will want to make sure that the current drop table is for helmets.

Cenotaph Mask Armor Perks

High Priority

Wearing the Cenotaph Mask will steadily reload your equipped Trace Rifle, taking ammo from its reserves.

When you damage a boss (minibosses, vehicles, champions, etc) using a Trace Rifle that matches your subclass, it will be marked as a high priority target.

Defeating targets that are marked by high priority will cause ammo to spawn, allowing you to have a good supply of ammo for your weapons.


Unlike most helmets, the Cenotaph Mask does not affect abilities but it focuses on Trace Rifles, which is great for people who use them as their main weapons.

Not only does it benefit Trace Rifles, but it also helps restore the ammo for your heavy weapons as well, which is good for you and your allies.

Overall, this large helmet has its benefits when used well, and if you have the right build that suits it to maximize its armor perk.

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