How To Get Triton Vice in Destiny 2 (Exotic Hunter Arms)

If you are a fan of Trace rifles, you are going to love the Triton Vice as this Gauntlets for Warlocks focuses on such weapons.

With the release of Season of the Deep, Warlocks gained a new obtainable pair of Exotic Gauntlets called the Triton Vice.

The Triton Vice allows Guardians to continuously fire their Trace Rifles for a longer duration, which is due to its High Priority armor perk.

Triton Vice Exotic Hunter Arms in Destiny 2

How To Get Triton Vice Gauntlets?

The Triton Vice Exotic Gauntlets may be obtained by completing Legend or Master Lost Sectors as they can drop from them after completion.

These will only drop when the Lost Sector rewards are for Gauntlets and this will rotate daily, which makes it important to check first.

Some of the Lost Sectors will be easier to complete, which makes it best to farm on certain days to make things easier.

Triton Vice Perks

Halberdier’s Reach

Wearing the Triton Vice Exotic Gauntlets increases your Glaive reload speed and melee damage when you are surrounded by enemies.

Dealing a final blow with a Glaive melee will cause a round to overflow the magazine, giving you additional shots before reloading.

If your Glaive subclass matches your subclass type, the projectiles fired from it will detonate, damaging multiple enemies in a small area.


The Triton Vice is an excellent choice for Glaive users as this makes it easy to kill enemies in multiple ways, especially groups with detonating rounds.

It is best to make sure your subclass matches the subclass of your Glaive to maximize its effectiveness and be sure to get up close with some enemies for ammo overflowing.

It’s good to get close up and personal with a Glaive when wearing the Triton Vice Gauntlets as the melee boost can help you deal a lot of damage.

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