Weapons in Season of the Deep (Exotic & Legendary Weapons)

Destiny 2 has released Season of the Deep, and this includes a whole new experience for players to enjoy as they tackle combatants and help the Vanguard fight against their enemies.

A whole new part of the story will of course come with a new set of weapons that Guardians can get their hands out to blast and slice their enemies with.

Season of the Deep has introduced a new Exotic Auto Rifle along with a set of Season of the Deep legendary weapons that you can get your hands on.

New Weapons in Season of the Deep

New Exotic Weapon

This season’s Exotic Weapon is the Centrifuse, an Exotic Rifle that deals Arc Damage, which has the Overcharge Capacitor Exotic Perk.

This makes the weapon more effective when you sprint, slide, and fire the weapon, which builds up an electrostatic charge that increases both range and reload speed of the Centrifuse.

When dealing final blows with the Centrifuse while it has a high charge, explosions will occur, with maximum charged explosions blinding targets.

Legendary Weapons List

Below is a list of the Season of the Deep legendary weapons that you can obtain easily throughout the season, which all have a tainted appearance similar to the Taken.

  • Targeted Redaction (Void Hand Cannon)
  • Rapacious Appetite (Stasis SMG)
  • Different Times (Strand Pulse Rifle)
  • Until Its Return (Strand Shotgun)
  • A Distant Pull (Stasis Sniper Rifle)
  • Thin Precipice (Strand Sword)

These weapons may be obtained as you participate in seasonal activities and when doing the seasonal quest.

Eventually, you will be able to focus these weapons on an attempt to get certain roles that best suit your playstyle.

These can be focused on the Sonar Station once you have finished the introductory mission and have unlocked their requirements.

Season of the Deep Fishing Weapons

Destiny 2 has added the ability to go fishing in the game, which now lets players get certain goods, including the Reprised Reckoning weapons, which have been listed below.

  • Spare Rations (Kinetic Hand Cannon)
  • Bug-Out-Bag (Solar SMG)
  • Outlast (Solar Pulse Rifle)
  • Last Man Standing (Solar Shotgun)
  • Sole Survivor (Arc Sniper Rifle)
  • Just In Case (Solar Sword)

These weapons are good additions to the game which players can get their hands on easily and may later use for both PVE and PVP purposes.


With the Centrifuse being added to the game, players now get to enjoy a new Arc Auto Rifle, which can almost always be charged since it is based on movement and being fired often.

The addition of the new legendary weapons does not only look amazing but they are also quite handy when taking out combatants and even Guardians.

Along with the new story added to the game, the new weapons have brought players a lot of new builds to create, especially those who have been waiting for more Strand weapons.

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