Dead Island 2 Military Supplies Case Key Location & How to Get

When you first arrive at the Halperin Hotel lobby, you will notice that there are some Safe-Deposit Boxes behind one of the counters.

Some of these are locked and may later be opened to get some loot but the only problem is, you will need the keys to each of them.

These can all be found in the Halperin Hotel and once you get them, you can return to the Safe-Deposit Boxes to open them up.

Dead Island 2 Military Supplies Case

Military Supplies Case LocationMilitary Supplies Case is found on the back of a military vehicle

The Military Supplies Case can be found on the back of a military vehicle next near the checkpoint and may be opened once you have obtained its keys.

You can find the military vehicle by heading to the very end of the road just before you take the path going to Bel-Air.

There will be other zombies in the area so it is best you clear them out before attempting to unlock the Military Supplies Case.

How To Get Military Supplies Case Key?killing the Drill Sergeant to get the Military Supplies Case Key

You can get the Military Supplies Case Key by killing the Drill Sergeant, a tough Crusher who makes an earlier appearance after you have encountered your first Crusher.

While the Drill Sergeant can be encountered right after you are done with the quests in the Halperin Hotel, he may be a higher level than you which may prove to be difficult.

Military Supplies Case Key LocationThe Military Supplies Case Key can be found along Lacuna Avenue which is carried by the Drill Sergeant

The Military Supplies Key can be found along Lacuna Avenue and is carried by the Drill Sergeant, a Crusher Apex Variant zombie.

You may find the Drill Sergeant as you make your way towards the checkpoint that leads you out of the Halperin Hotel.

Military Supplies Case LootMilitary Supplies Case loot is a Guarding Military Knife

Opening the Military Supplies Case will drop a Guarding Military Knife but this has been reported to vary between players although most have gotten this weapon.

Depending on what level you are and when you decide to open the Military Supplies Case, the stats of the weapon may vary.

This is one of the earliest rare quality weapons you can get in the game and is good for stabbing zombies in the head for an easy kill.


After you have danced with Becki the Bride during the Room Service for Major Booker quest, you will be able to get the Drill Sergeant to spawn.

This is because he is a Crusher Apex Variant and will be one of the first named zombies that you find after completing the quest.

While killing this enemy early on may be a challenge, the Guarding Knife does have its benefits, which can allow you to kill certain zombies in an instant.

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