Destiny 2 Operation Thunderbolt (Twilight) Mission Walkthrough

  • Mission Type: Season of the Deep
  • Mission Location: Twilight, Methane Sea

The connection between Sloane and Ahsa needs to be strengthened and this will require that you obtain egregore coral.

To obtain egregore coral, you will need to dive to the Twilight depth which is in Titan’s methane sea to extract it.

This will not be an easy task though as there are horrors in the deep that have familiar faces and they will do everything they can to stop you.

Destiny 2 Operation Thunderbolt (Twilight) Mission (Season of the Deep)

How To Get Operation Thunderbolt?

Operation Thunderbolt becomes available once you have reached quest step 3 of the Into the Depths seasonal quest. You are required to complete this mission to progress with the request, which later allows Sloane and Ahsa to bond.

Operation Thunderbolt Mission ObjectivesAfter beginning the mission you need to activate one of the Ahsa’s Blessing

1) Ahsa’s Blessing

Once you begin the mission, there will be blessings that you can activate, which will affect you throughout the mission. (Pick one)

2) Dive into the Deep

After activating one of the blessings, you will head down into the water and search for the switch, which can be found in a nearby room.

Activating it will open a door that allows you to progress to the next area, which has another entry point where you can descend.

Continue making your way down and follow the path ahead of you until you reach the door at the end that lets you exit the water.

3) Drill in the Vein

Up ahead of you, there will be a spot where you can plant the Egregore Resonator, which you will have to place down to begin drilling.

Collecting the fuel cells from enemies that marked with a waypoint

4) Drill: Egregore Vein

The drill will be unpowered, and you will need to collect fuel cells from enemies that are marked with a waypoint.

Once you have a fuel cell, bring it to the center of the drill and use it to power it up to complete this, you need to use 3 of them.

5) Extraction in Progress

The drill will be unpowered, and you will need to collect fuel cells from enemies that are marked with a waypoint.

6) Refuel the Drill

Once the drill has been powered, you will need to defeat the enemies in the area until it stops, which requires you to power it up again.

Extraction and refueling of the drill will need to be done continuously until the drill progress has reached 100% and this needs to be done while enemies are attacking you.

When the extraction is complete, you will be teleported by a servitor and will be brought deeper into the Methane Sea.

7) Plant Egregore Resonator

Once you have been teleported, head to the waypoint and plant the Egregore Resonator in the marked location.

Destroying the Servitor Swarm

8) Destroy the Servitor Swarm

After placing the Egregore Resonator, you will need to head out through the door and jump down from a platform to reach the Servitor Swarm.

You will see a powerful Servitor named J4W-S, Wrath-Hunter Servitor, who you must now defeat along with enemies that they spawn.

Depleting one of J4W-s health bars will cause it to become invulnerable and you will need to destroy the Shield Servitors to make it vulnerable.

Each health bar you deplete will cause the Servitors to teleport you to a small cave location where you will have to fight close to each other.

9) Draw J4W-s Attention and Defeat Them

After a bunch of teleporting and damage dealing, you will now be able to destroy J4W-S and will soon be able to extract from the area.

10) Extract with Your Haul of Collected Egregore Coral

A chest will be nearby, and you can find it by following your waypoint until you find the chest and open it up, which concludes the quest.

Operation Thunderbolt Mission Rewards

Completing, Operation Thunderbolt will cause a chest to appear, which can be opened for rewards, and in this case, we got a Deep Engram and a Salvaged Fishing Tackle.

SummaryOperation Thunderbolt (Twilight) Mission completed

You were successful in extracting the resources that you needed and now it’s time to bring them back to Sloane, who will use them to strengthen her bond with Ahsa.

The two of them both rely on the coral that you have collected and will need rest after they bond once you give it to them.

By the looks of it, you will often need to get resources this way and probably with other tasks but right now, you are now one step closer to beating the Witness.

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