Dead Island 2 Room Service for Major Booker Quest Walkthrough

As you were previously looking for signs of life in the Halperin Hotel, you heard a voice near the ballroom which sounded to be like the authorities.

This voice seems to be taunting you or something else and since they are with the military, you should find them before something else does.

It looks like a wedding was supposed to have taken place before the hotel was overrun and now you will need to find the closest thing to getting you out, which is Major Booker.

Dead Island 2 Room Service For Major Booker Story Quest

How To Get Room Service for Major Booker Quest?

Room Service for Major Booker begins right after you have completed the Call the Cavalry quest, quickly following up after you have peeked through the ballroom window.

Room Service for Major Booker ObjectivesFinding a way through the lobby

1) Find a Way Through the Lobby

After hearing the calls from Major Booker, you will need a way to get through the lobby, which will now be a path to the left side from where you first entered.

Follow the waypoint heading to the door and you will see some zombies running inside, which requires you to fight your way through them.

2) Track Down Major J.S. Booker

Now that you have a way out of the lobby, you will need to head towards the waypoint as you make your way towards the Major.

3) Investigate the Hotel Pool

The hotel pool will be filled with an acidic green substance, and you will need to search around for clues to figure out what it is.

This can be done by inspecting the following beside the pool:

  • Pump with gas leaking (left side of the pool)
  • Caustic-x label on the side of the chemical container (left side of the pool)
  • Sewer vent with hoses inserted (right side of the pool)

4) Return to the Pool

After investigating, you will need to head back to the pool (even if you are not far from it) and the Major will begin to make noise, which attracts zombies to your location.

Killing all the Zombies that are trying to attack

5) Kill ‘em all!

A ton of zombies will begin to close in on your location and you will need to survive the attack by wiping all of them out.

6) Confront the Drunk Major in Room 307

The Major will start blabbing on again and this time she appears to be drunk and is requesting more booze in room 307, which has now revealed her location.

You will need to follow the waypoint that leads back into the hotel and find a way to go to where she is located.

Continue following the waypoint until you reach a flight of stairs that will bring you to the second floor and you will need to continue making your way to the third floor.

7) Get Up to the Third Floor

Follow the waypoint again and head past the area with the elevators by crouching under some of the baggage blocking the way.

You can pick up a Chem Bomb (Curveball) that you can use to put out the fire that is blocking your path to the third floor.

Continue making your way to the waypoint and you will find an area with elevators that are stuck, which you can climb up on.

You will need to disable the power in the room to the right first (don’t miss out on the Uncommon Melee Impact Mod) in the room too.

Pull the lever in the room with the workbench and the power will shut off, allowing you to climb up to the third floor.

Searching for the room 307 to find the major

8) Find Room 307

Now that you have reached the third floor, follow the waypoint until you reach the room with an open vent above a bed.

Climb through the air vents and you will eventually be able to drop down to one of the rooms on the third floor.

Continue making your way towards the waypoint and you will find the major has already been killed by whatever she was taunting.

9) Find the Major’s Keys

The Major is dead but someone is still on the radio, and you will need to take her keys so you can get in touch with them.

You will be able to find the Major’s keys right next to her dead body and will be able to head back to the ballroom by following the waypoint.

10) Unlock the Ballroom

The waypoint will lead you to the elevators which have no power, but you can activate them by pouring water or tossing a jerry can to power them.

Once powered, the elevators will open and you can climb down back to the lobby, which will allow you to head to the ballroom door to unlock it.

11) Get on the Radio

There will be a radio on top of one of the tables and once you interact with it, a cutscene will begin where you get in touch with a man named Dr. Reed.

Your conversation is interrupted as the bride of the wedding has arrived and she appears to be extremely huge and buffed up.

Killing a boss called Becki the Bride

This begins a boss fight against your first Crush Apex Zombie variant, which is a boss called Becki The Bride, which you will need to kill.

To kill Becki the Bride, you will need to avoid her attacks by dodging or blocking but when she uses her Overhead Smash attacks, you need to jump over the shockwaves.

Continue fighting her and any zombies that appear until you have killed her, which will end with you speaking with Dr. Reed over the radio again before the quest ends.

Room Service for Major Booker Rewards

Killing Becki the Bride will provide you with the Dash Strike ability, which allows you to leap forwards to inflict a powerful strike attack on an enemy.

The Room Service for Major Booker story quest will end after you kill the bride and speak with Dr. Reed on the radio, which later rewards you with 3,000 XP.


The wedding at the Halperin Hotel seems to have not gone well and it looks like everyone is dead, even after the military rushed in to handle the situation.

Your encounter with Becki the Bride is proof that some zombies mutate beyond the regular slow and weak variants, now known as Apex Variants.

Dr. Reed wants you to find him as you may be the last hope for mankind since you appear to be immune to the zombie infection.

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