All Halperin Hotel Safe Deposit Box Key Locations in Dead Island 2

When you first arrive at the Halperin Hotel lobby, you will notice that there are some Safe-Deposit Boxes behind one of the counters.

Some of these are locked and may later be opened to get some loot but the only problem is, you will need the keys to each of them.

These can all be found in the Halperin Hotel and once you get them, you can return to the Safe-Deposit Boxes to open them up.

Safe-Deposit Boxes at the Halperin Hotel lobby

Safe Deposit Boxes Location

The Safe-Deposit Boxes Location is to the right once you enter the lobby of the Halperin Hotel, and you can see which ones can be opened later as they are highlighted.

Once you have a key to one of the Safe-Deposit Boxes, they will show a white circle that means you can interact with them.

Those that you do not have a key for yet will have a red padlock icon instead, meaning you need to find the Safe-Deposit Box Key for it.

All Safe Deposit Box Key Locations

The Safe-Deposit Box 9, 33, 14, 49 and 53 can be opened once you have the keys to each of them, which can be found in the locations mentioned below.

1) Safe Deposit Box Key 9

Safe-Deposit Key #9 location on the table in the middle of the lobby

The Safe-Deposit Key #9 can be found on one of the tables that have been set up in the middle of the lobby and you will usually be able to pick this one up first.

2) Safe Deposit Box Key 33

Safe Deposit Box Key #33 location is found in one of the lobby going down elevator

The Safe-Deposit Key #33 can be found in one of the elevators that you took going down to the lobby, which you can access by pressing the elevator button next to it.

3) Safe Deposit Box Key 14

Safe Deposit Box Key #14 location is found in the room 208

After you have passed through the small area where you need to crouch around the rooms, you can reach room 208 and will find the Safe-Deposit Key #14 in the corner next to the bed.

4) Safe Deposit Box key 49

Safe Deposit Box key #49 location is found where you drop down to get to the third floor as you search for room 307

You can find the Safe-Deposit Key #49 in the vents that you go through just past the area where you drop down to get to the third floor as you search for room 307.

5) Safe Deposit Box Key 53

Safe Deposit Box Key #53 is found in the room 307 bathroom bathtub

Once you reach room 307, you will find the dead Major and if you enter the bathroom, the Safe-Deposit Key #53 will be on the bathtub counter.

Halperin Hotel Safe Deposit Boxes Loot

Opening the Safe-Deposit Boxes will reward you with various loot and these can range from gear to crafting materials.

The following is what we obtained from each of the boxes:

  • Safe-Deposit Box #9 – 325 Cash, 10 Scrap and 2 Metal Parts
  • Safe-Deposit Box #14 – 166 Cash, 2 Metal Parts and 2 Blades
  • Safe-Deposit Box #33 – 86 Cash, 5 Scrap, Uncommon Dagger
  • Safe-Deposit Box #49 – 82 Cash, 2 Electronics and 1 Synthetic Fibers
  • Safe-Deposit Box #53 – 261 Cash, 1 Allow and 2 Metal Parts

The rewards for this loot may vary based on your level and what time around in the game, you decide to open them.


It turns out that not everyone had the time to get their valuables back from their Safe-Deposit Boxes which is understandable with all the zombies running around.

Opening these lock boxes can be a great way of getting some early supplies and even some good gear to use when killing zombies.

Most of the keys for the safe deposit boxes will be found as you complete the Room Service for Major Booker story quest.

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