Destiny 2 The Descent Mission Walkthrough (Season of the Deep)

A distress call has been received on a secure Vanguard channel, which sets you off to go on a Priority 1 rescue operation.

It appears that Deputy Commander Sloane, who was last seen on Titan before it vanished, has sent the distress call and you will need to extract them.

Sloane has been missing ever since the arrival of the Pyramids and now is the chance to find out what happened to her after she is rescued.

  • Mission Type: Season of the Deep
  • Mission Location: Salvage Rig, Titan

Season of the Deep The Descent Mission in Destiny 2

How To Get the Descent Mission?

The Descent is the first mission that you will be thrown into once you start playing during the Season of the Deep and it serves as an introduction to the events of the season.

The Descent Mission ObjectivesAfter reaching the waypoint fighting with Taken enemies

1) Follow the Signal

You will be deployed on the Salvage Rig and will need to head to the area marked by a waypoint, which can be reached by following the direction shown by your radar.

2) Defeat the Taken

Once you reach the waypoint, you will be ambushed by Taken enemies and will need to fight them off until none of them are left.

3) Reach the Operations Rig

After you have dealt with the Taken ambush, continue making your way to the array by exiting through the nearby door.

You will need to follow your waypoint to get across the rig and will have to fight through Taken enemies along the way.

As you are making your way, the Derelict (Drifter’s Ship) arrives and the Drifter butts in on the comms channel.

Continue fighting your way across the rig until you find yourself in an area where there are several Taken along with War Totems that have been deployed.

Putting an end to the Battlesong until it reaches 100% progress by staying under the nearby War Totem

4) Silence the Battlesong

Enemies will begin to spawn in the area, and you will need to put an end to the Battlesong, which requires you to stay under the nearby War Totem.

Continue fighting against enemies while staying under the War Totem until the silencing reaches 100% progress so you can move to the next one.

While you are doing this, the voice of Xivu Arath can be heard, which begins to spark some worry for the other members of the team.

5) Silence the Western War Totem

After you have silenced the first War Totem, you will now need to do the same thing with the Western War Totem, which will be marked by a waypoint.

Make your way over to the Western War Totem and stay under it while defending yourself again until 100% progress is reached.

6) Silence the Final War Totem

With the second War Totem silenced, it’s time to finish things by heading to the last War Totem to silence it like you did the others.

Defeating the Celebrant after silencing the three War Totems

7) Defeat the Celebrant

Once the War Totems have been silenced, an enemy called Azshradat, Celebrant of Xivu Arath will appear and will start to attack you.

You will need to fight back against the Celebrant by evading its attacks while also dealing damage to it until you have reduced its health by a quarter.

Once its health has been reduced, the Celebrant will become invulnerable and retreat, leaving you to clear up the rest of the enemies in the area.

8) Reach the Communication Array

With all the enemies cleared up, continue making your way to the Communication Array by following the waypoint marking its location.

9) Restore Power to the Communication Array

The Communication Array will be offline, and you will need to head over to pick up a Fuel Cell (object marked by an icon) and will need to install it.

Aligning the Communication Array Dishes by rotating them until their display turns blue

10) Align the Communication Array Dishes

The next step will be to align all the dishes, which seems to be a sort of puzzle but all you need to do is rotate each of them until their displays turn blue.

Once all of the displays have turned blue, they will all be aligned, and you can proceed with heading toward the source of the signal.

11) Reach the Signal Source

After aligning the dishes, make your way to the waypoint and it will lead you to a diving point, which is where you will need to jump into the water.

As you are in the water, the Pressure Resistance begins to drop, and the Drifter pulls you out just in time before you drown.

12) Listen to the Drifter

The Drifter begins to explain what it is like down in the deep as it appears he has had experience traversing such waters.

He mentions that he has something that can help you out but it is just a prototype and it should be good enough to maintain the pressure for a bit.

13) Acquire the Device

Head over to the waypoint and interact with the junk in a tray to obtain the device and you will now be able to maintain pressure for a longer duration as well as restore it.

Reaching the Signal Source in the water

14) Reach the Signal Source

After obtaining the device, it will automatically be equipped and you will need to jump into the water again but this time, there will be air bubbles visible.

Head over to the switch and activate it to open a path going down, where another switch needs to be activated and this once more allows you to descend.

Continue making your way to the very bottom and jump up to the platform with a switch to activate it, which will allow you to drop down into what looks like the bottom of the ocean.

Make your way towards the door at the end while maintaining your Pressure Resistance and once you arrive the quest will end with a cutscene playing.

The Descent Mission Rewards

Completing, The Descent does not seem to reward you with much as we only got Strand Meditations and Glimmer.

After completing this mission, you will be able to head over to the Aquatic Operations Seasonal Vendor, which is where you can get the Seasonal Quest called Into The Depths.

SummaryGuardians in discussion with Sloane in Destiny 2

While everyone thought that Sloane sent the distress signal to seek help for herself, it appears she was trying to save something else instead.

A strange aquatic creature named Ahsa, was hunted by The Witness, making her an ally to the Vanguard.

Hopefully, by helping this new ally and cooperating to achieve a common goal, the Vanguard can fight back against their most recent enemy.

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